Mexico Current Affairs - 2019

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Scientist discover way to turn cactus leaves in Biodegradable Plastics

Researcher from Mexico has discovered way to turn cactus leaves into non toxic and biodegradable material with similar properties to plastic. This innovation offers a promising solution to one of the world’s biggest pollution conundrums caused by toxic and non-biodegradable plastics. Process of turning cactus leaves into Plastic The pulp of the prickly pear cactus Read More…

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Mexico beats US to lift 8th CONCACAF Gold Cup

Mexico’s men’s soccer team won 2019 CONCACAF Gold Cup by defeating United States men with 1-0 in the final. This is Mexico’s record 8th Gold Cup title. Key Highlights While US is the defending champions of biennial North American championship, as it won the 2017 tournament but in 2019 edition it lost to Mexico at Read More…

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Iraq remains India’s top supplier of Crude Oil in 2019

According to data released by Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics (DGCI&S), Iraq remains India’s top crude oil supplier for second year in a row. Key Highlights of India’s Oil import Data India is world’s third largest importer of crude oil (7% of total crude oil imports) after China (world’s largest importer with 20.2% Read More…

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India to stop Importing Crude Oil from Iran

In the backdrop of the US refusal to extend the sanctions waiver for India to import crude from Iran, the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas has taken steps necessary steps to end the imports from Iran. Even though India has urged the US to restore the sanction waivers it has decided to not to Read More…

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President Trump vetoes Bill to end U.S. support for Yemen War

President Donald Trump has vetoed the resolution from the US Congress which directed him to end U.S. support for the civil war in Yemen. Why the President has vetoed the Congress Resolution? President trump has stated the following reasons for vetoing the US Congress resolution: Yemen is at a breaking point as 10 million people on Read More…

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Three-person Baby Boy Born in Greece

A team of doctors from Greece and Spain have reported the birth of a baby using DNA from three people. The baby boy has inherited the genetic material from two women and a man. How did the new IVF method work? Doctors used an egg from the infertile mother, the father’s sperm and another woman’s Read More…

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Health Ministry Urged to Frame Law to Ban Manufacture, Sale of e-cigarettes

The Ministry of Commerce and Industries has urged the Health Ministry to frame law banning manufacture and sale of e-cigarettes in the country as in the absence of the domestic legislation, it would not be possible to put a blanket ban on its imports. The Ministry of Commerce and Industries has stated that without banning Read More…

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