Migrants Current Affairs - 2020

Home Ministry issues SOPs for movement of stranded migrant labourers

On April 19, 2020, the Ministry of Home Affairs issued Standard of Operating Procedure for movement of stranded migrant labourers.


The workers employed in construction, agriculture, industries and other sectors have been moved from their work places and have been housed in shelter camps and relief shelters. These centres are being run by the state governments and Union Territories. In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the movement of these labourers are to be managed under a Standard of Operating Procedure.


The following are the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs

  • The migrants in the shelters should be registered with a local authority.
  • Skill mapping of the migrants should be carried out to find suitability of various kinds of works.
  • The migrants shall not move outside the state or union territory that they are currently located.
  • Social Distancing norms should be followed during their transport
  • Local authorities should provide food and water for the journey of the workers.

The Ministry of Home Affairs also allowed movement of stranded migrant workers inside the state. The ministry also allowed these workers to work in states and union territories where they are currently located.

Uttar Pradesh-First State to Geo Tag Community Kitchens

On April 19, 2020, Uttar Pradesh became the first state to geotag community kitchens. Around 7,368 community kitchens located in 75 districts were geo tagged.


The State Government of Uttar Pradesh joined hands with Google to geo tag community kitchens in the state. The kitchens produce 12 lakh food packets per day.

The State Government mobilized state resources on massive scale to establish the kitchens. This was done through religious organizations and non-governmental organizations.

What is the issue?

The main problem faced by the state was influx of migrants. Also, there was lack of information among the population. They were unaware of the location of community kitchens and shelter homes.


An application has been developed by the Remote Sensing Application Centre (RSAC) to learn about the location of the community kitchens. The application was developed by feeding data of the latitudes and longitudes of the community kitchen. Apart from this, Google will also provide the location of these centres in its application.