Military Exercise Current Affairs - 2020

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List of Nuclear Installations exchanged between India and Pakistan

On January 1, 2020, India and Pakistan exchanged their nuclear installations under an agreement that prevents them from attacking each other’s atomic facilities. The practice is being followed for 29 years for now.


India and Pakistan exchanged the list of nuclear installations under the Agreement on Prohibition of attack against nuclear installations. The exchange was done based on diplomatic channels simultaneously in Islamabad and New Delhi. The first of the exchange took place on January 1, 1992.

Agreement on Prohibition of attack against Nuclear Installations

The agreement was signed between Pakistan President Benazir Bhutto and Indian PM Rajiv Gandhi. It was signed on December 31, 1988.


Between 1986 and 1987 Indian Army carried out massive exercise Brasstacks that created fear of attacks on Pakistan nuclear facilities. The fear of Pakistan was the base for the countries to sign the agreement.

Operation Brasstacks

The Operation Brasstacks was conducted by the Indian Army in Rajasthan. It was the largest troop mobilizations of the Indian forces. The goal of the operation was to deploy ground troops. It also aimed at conducting amphibious assault exercises near by Pakistan Naval bases. It was the biggest exercise of its period since World War II. It was bigger than that of NATO exercises.

Exercise Indra: Joint tri service Exercise between India and Russia

The Joint tri service exercise between India and Russia, INDRA 2019 is to be held between December 10-19, 2019 in Pune. The event is planned for 10 days between army, naval and air force forces of both the countries.


The exercise is to be held in Pune and Goa simultaneously. Fighter aircrafts, company sized mechanized contingents and ships of respective armies are participating in the exercise. The forces are to be trained in tactical operation end drills like handling and neutralization of Improvised Explosive devices, arms smuggling prevention and anti-piracy measures.

The exercise will be followed by 72-hour validation exercise.


The series of INDRA exercises between India and Russia began in 2003. However, the first joint tri service exercise began in 2017.

The defense relations between India and Russia are historic. However, close ties of Russia with China hurt India. Similarly, India’s 2+2 dialogue, LEMOA and COMCASA agreements with the USA bothers Russia. However, India is trying to balance its relations with both the countries. India went on to buy S-400 missiles from Russia in spite US’s insistence under CAATSA act.