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EX TSENTR 2019: India, Pakistan forces to be part of military exercise in Russia

Armies of India, Pakistan will take part in this year’s military exercise TSENTR 2019 that will be conducted by Russia from September 9 to 23, 2019. This will be the first time that forces from India and Pakistan will participate in multilateral exercise together since airstrikes conducted by Indian force, deep in Pakistan’s Balakot district in February 2019. Earlier armies of India and Pakistan had met last year as part of military exercise conducted by Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) – also held in Russia.


Russia holds major military exercise every year at one of its four military Commands i.e Vostok (East), Zapad (West), TSENTR (Centre) and Kavkas (South). It rotates through four main Russian operational strategic commands.

About Exercise TSENTR 2019

It will be conducted as part of the annual series of large scale exercises that form part of Russian Armed Forces’ annual training cycle. This year it will be conducted by Central Military Commission of Russia at Donguz training ranges, Orenburg, Russia. Apart from host Russia, military contingents from China, Tajikistan, India, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan and Uzbekistan will also take part in this mega event.

This year’s exercise is aimed at evolving drills of participating armies in fight against international terrorism and ensuring military security in strategic central Asian region. Its strategic measures will mainly focus on evaluating level of troop preparedness, raising level of inter- operability, acquisition of required skills and demonstrate readiness of participating armies.

It will comprise two modules-

(i) 1st module: It will include counter- terror operations, repelling air strikes, reconnaissance operations and defensive measures.

(ii) 2nd Module: It will focus on offensive operations.

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Yudh Abhyas 2019 to be held in US

The joint military training exercise between India and United States (US) named Yudh Abhyas – 2019  will be held at Joint Base Lewis Mc Chord, Washington, US from 05-18 September 2019. It is being conducted as part of the ongoing Indo-US defence cooperation. It is one of the largest joint running military training and defence corporation endeavors between both countries. This will be overall 15th edition of the joint exercise hosted alternately between the two countries.

Exercise Yudh Abhyas 2019

It will provide opportunity to armed forces of both countries to train in integrated manner at Battalion level with joint planning at Brigade level. They will jointly rehearse multiple scenarios during the exercise with view to understand each other’s organisational structure and battle procedures. In this edition of exercise, armies of both countries will jointly train, plan and execute series of well developed operations for neutralization of threats of varied nature. It will be undertaken by both countries in operational setting under United Nations (UN) mandate. Apart from this, experts from both sides will hold expert academic and military discussions to share each other’s experiences on varied topics for mutual benefit.

Significance of exercise: It will result in higher degree of jointmanship that will further facilitate interoperability between armed forces of both countries to meet any unforeseen contingency across the globe. It will also serve as ideal platform for armed forces of both countries to learn from each other’s expertise and experiences of planning and execution of operations.

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