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Government launches DARPAN-PLI App

The Union Ministry of Communications has launched DARPAN-PLI application for seamless collection of premium for Postal Life Insurance (PLI) and Rural Postal Life Insurance (RPLI) policies. The app launched under DARPAN Project will help in collection of premium of these two policies at branch post offices anywhere in India, with online updation of the policies.

Key Facts

With launch of this app, indexing of maturity claims of PLI and RPLI polices can be done at Branch Post Office itself, upon which insurant will immediately be provided with request number for further references. This will help in providing better after-sales service to customers of PLI and RPLI, particularly those living in rural areas of country.

DARPAN Project

The Ministry of Communications had launched DARPAN (Digital Advancement of Rural Post Office for a New India) Project to achieve total digitisation of postal operations in the country, under IT Modernisation Plan, Department of Posts (DoP).

The project aims at connecting all 1.29 lakh Rural Branch Post Offices in country to enable them to do online postal and financial Transactions. Under it, hand held devices with SIM connectivity and solar power backup are installed in all Branch Post Offices across the country to ensure improvement in quality of Postal services being offered in remote rural areas.


DARPAN project seeks to increase rural reach of Department of Posts (DoP) and enable BOs to increase traffic of all financial remittances, savings accounts, RPLI policy and cash certificates. It also will improve mail operations processes by allowing for automated booking and delivery of account. Overall, this project will help to improve quality of service, add value to services and achieve financial inclusion of un-banked rural population.

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Department of Posts launches Cool EMS Service between India and Japan

Department of Posts under Ministry of Communications has launched Cool EMS Service between India and Japan. It is one-way service from Japan to India which allows customers in India to import Japanese food items for personal use which is allowed under Indian regulations.

Cool EMS Service

The Cool EMS Service came into force from March 2018. Initially, it will be available in Delhi only. Food items will be carried by Japan Post in special cool boxes containing refrigerant to preserve quality of food items. The recipient addressee will collect them from Foreign Post office, Kotla Road, New Delhi in-person or through a messenger in prescribed time frame. Cool EMS service also has all other features like track and trace, etc of Express Mail Service (EMS).

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