Ministry of Defence Current Affairs - 2020

Ex-Service Men rise to “Service Before Self” to fight COVID-19

The Indian Army serves under the motto “Service Before Self”. Continuing to live with the motto even after retirement, the department of Ex-service men operating under Ministry of Defence took the initiative to mobilize ex-servicemen to assist state and district administration.


The Zila Sainik Boards and Rajya Sainik Boards are currently identifying Ex-Service men volunteers. They are to be deployed in management of quarantine facilities, community surveillance and data collection at village and district levels.


With the number of COVID-19 cases raising in India, there is high demand for work forces to help contain the disease. In this scenario, trained disciplined profession army men are precious resource of the country to exploit in.

Currenly, the state of Punjab has deployed 4,200 Ex-Service men volunteers in assisting data collection form villages. The Chhattisgarh government has deployed them to assist the state police force. In Uttarakhand they are deployed in district control rooms.

DRDO develops N99 masks, ventilators and hand sanitizers to help fight against COVID-19

The DRDO (Defence Research Development Organization) has been tracking the spread of the COVID-19 virus since it began to spread in China. Now, the organization has developed four items to help India in its “War against Corona”.


The DRDO has developed hand sanitizer, ventilators, five-layer masks and body suits.

Hand Sanitizer

Around 4,000 litres of hand sanitizers have been developed for the Indian Armed Forces, Security Corps and Medical corps. The organization has developed 1,500 litres for the Ministry of Defence and 300 litres for the Parliament.

DRDO is to make 20,000 to 30,000 litres of hand sanitizers per day. The cost of the sanitizers is less than Rs 120 per litre

N99 masks

DRDO has developed 5-layer N99 masks. Among the five layers, 2 layers are made of nano mesh. The organization is to manufacture 10,000 such masks a day. The cost of the mask is Rs 70 per piece


The Society for Biomedical Technology programme, operating under DRDO has been modified to fulfil the current needs. The programme will now be deployed to manufacture ventilators. Around 5,000 ventilators are to be produced in the first month. It is then to gradually be increased to 10,000 in the subsequent month.

Body Suits

The body suits developed by DRDO earlier for medical and paramedical staffs for radiological emergencies has now been converted into a full body suit that will help to stop contamination.