Ministry of Health & Family Welfare Current Affairs - 2020

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Corona Virus: GoI launched CoNTeC to connect Doctors in India with AIIMS

On March 28, 2020, the Minister of Health and Family Welfare launched CoNTec. CoNTeC is COVID-19 Telecommunication Centre. The platform aims to connect the doctors in the country with AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences).


The platform is to be active 24/7. Doctors will be available in the platform throughout to answer queries and help in real time treatment of COVID-19 patients.

About CoNTeC

CoNTeC is a telecommunication hub. The hub will act 24/7 where experts from different clinical domains will answer questions from specialists spread across the country. The initiation is to be extended widely all over the world in the future.

The guidelines of patient management advices are framed by AIIMS. Also, CoNTec is to be completely integrated with National Medical College Network.

Currently there are 6 lines that can operate simultaneously under the programme. The lines are to be extended in the future. The programme operated by AIIMS is monitored by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

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Mumbai Central railway station certified as country’s first ‘Eat Right’

The Mumbai Central Terminus of Western Railway has been certified as India’s first ‘Eat Right Station’ with a 4-Star rating awarded by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), as a part of ‘Eat Right India’ movement launched in 2018. FSSAI is an autonomous body under Union Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MoHFW).

Key Highlights

The honour came on basis of compliance of food safety and hygiene, food handling at preparation, promotion of local and seasonal foods, trans-shipment and retail or serving points, food waste management, availability of healthy diet, as well as creating awareness on food safety and a healthy diet.

Food quality regulator FSSAI, Western Railways (WR), and Indian Railways Catering Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) trained food handlers, both in canteens and base kitchens, who inspected catering establishments at station and certified and rated standard of food.

The Indian Railways as part of its efforts to help passengers make a healthy and right food choice, launched ‘Eat Right Station’ as part of ‘Eat Right India’ initiative of FSSAI started in 2018. ‘Eat Right India’ built on 2 broad pillars- ‘Eat Healthy and Eat Safe’, is aimed towards engaging, exciting and enabling people to enhance their health and wellbeing. It also focused on ensuring that people ate healthy, with FSSAI making suitable interventions on both demand/ supply side, through the engagement of key stakeholders.

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