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Government launches National Database on Sexual Offenders

Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has launched India’s National Database of Sexual Offenders (NDSO). With this, India became the ninth nation to maintain such thorough database.  NDSO will not be available for general public but only to law enforcement agencies for effectively tracking and investigating cases of sexual offences

National Database on Sexual Offenders (NDSO)

NDSO is initiative under National Mission for Safety of Women aimed at curbing crimes against women and children. It will mainly include database sexual offenders in the country convicted under charges of rape, gang rape, POCSO and eve teasing 2005 onwards.

It will have database of containing  key details of convicted sexual offenders such as their names, residential address, photographs, fingerprints, DNA samples, Aadhaar numbers and Personal Account Numbers (PANs).

It will be maintained by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) for regular monitoring and tracking by State Police. The database will not compromise any individual’s privacy. At present database contains 4.4 lakh entries. State Police will regularly update the database from 2005 onwards. As of now, it does not have records of juvenile offenders, but they are likely to be included in at later stage.

NDSO will maintain database of cases classified as posing low danger for a period of 15 years. The database of cases, which are classified as moderate danger, will be stored for 25 years. The data for cases involving repeat and habitual offenders, criminals, convicted gang rapists and custodial rapes will be stored permanently.

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Government launches e-Sahaj portal to facilitate security clearances of businesses

Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has launched e-Sahaj portal to facilitate individuals and private companies in seeking security clearance for setting up businesses in certain sensitive sectors. The portal aims to bring greater transparency in according security clearances to business proposals relating to sensitive sectors and geographical locations.


MHA is nodal authority for granting security clearances in certain sensitive sectors before licence, permit, permission, contract etc is issued to companies, bidders, individuals by respective administrative ministry. The objective of national security clearance is to evaluate potential security threats, including economic threats and provide risk assessment before clearing investment and project proposals in key sectors.

e-Sahaj portal

The portal will help to strike healthy balance between meeting imperatives of national security and facilitating ease of doing business and promoting investment in the country, It will facilitate applicant to submit application online and also to view its status from time to time. The online portal will make security clearance process standardised, faster, transparent and easy to monitor. Thus it will help to facilitate ease of doing business and promoting investment in the country.

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