Natural Disasters Current Affairs - 2019

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Typhoon Nida makes landfall near Dapeng Peninsula in China

The severe tropical typhoon Nida (also known as Cariana in Philippines) made landfall near Dapeng Peninsula in China’s Guangdong Province.

Gale-force wind with up to 150 kilometers per hour speed and heavy rain followed the tropical typhoon. However, it showed signs of weakening after making landfall.

The Chinese State Oceanic Administration has issued a red alert for ocean waves and storm tides caused due to typhoon. Sea waves as high as 11 meters have been witnessed in the northern South China Sea.

The tropical typhoon Nida made landfall after battering the Philippines. It was caused by a tropical depression that had developed about 1,020 km to the east-southeast of Manila, Philippines. The cyclonic system was located within a favorable environment for development of cyclone with low vertical wind shear and very warm sea surface temperatures.

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Typhoon Melor hits central Philippines

Powerful Typhoon Melor (also known as Nona) has hit the central Philippines battering the coast with powerful winds with speed of 200 kph followed by intense rainfall.

The eye of tropical cyclone (typhoon) Melor made its landfall over the northern tip of the island of Samar. It made landfall after undergoing a rapid intensification forcing over 700,000 people to leave their homes and communities.

Hawaii based Joint Typhoon Warning Centre of US military has categorized the typhoon as a Category 3 storm.

The year 2015 has been an active one in terms of major tropical storms hitting the Philippines. The major tropical storms in the year 2015 have been partly attributed to ongoing strong El Nino phenomenon which has resulted in a significant warming of the surface waters of the central Pacific.

Typhoon Melor now joins Noul, Maysak, Goni, Soudelor, Mujigae and Koppu in the list of significant typhoons to have struck the Philippines in year 2015.

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