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January 27: International Holocaust Remembrance Day

The United Nations Department of Global Communications marked the International Day of Commemoration in Memory of Victims of Holocaust on January 27. This year, 2020 marks 75th anniversary of the day.

The Day was officially announced in November 2005 at the United Nations General Assembly


The International Day marks the ending of world war II. It also marks the establishment of United Nations formed in response to the crimes of Holocaust and Second World War. This year, the theme of the day is as follows

Theme: 75 Years after Auschwitz-Holocaust Education and Remembrance for Global Justice

The day also marks the anniversary of Liberation of Auschwitz. Auschwitz was a complex that operated more than 40 exterminations camps and concentration camps during World War II.

The Holocaust

The holocaust was the genocide of the European Jews between 1941 and 1945. Two-thirds of European population were Jews. Around two-thirds of the European population were Jewish and Nazis under the leadership of Hitler murdered around 6 million.

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Netaji’s Azad Hind Government Commemorated

The 76th anniversary of Azad Hind Movement was commemorated at Red Fort, Delhi. The Union Minister of Culture and Tourism Shri Prahlad Singh attended the celebration. Last year PM Modi attended the celebrations unveiling the plaque to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the formation of Azad Hind Government.

The commemoration of the event also saw the presence of the Secretary General of the INA trust, its members and other higher officials from the Ministry of Culture.

Azad Hind Movement

The Provisional Government of Free India or Azad Hind was established in Singapore in 1943. It was supported by the Japanese Empire, Italian social Republic, Nazi Germany and other allies. The purpose of the movement was to ally with the Axis Powers to free India from British rule.

The movement was established by the Indian Nationalists in exile during the later part of Second World War. The movement was founded on October 21, 1943 being inspired by the concepts of Subhash Chandra Bose.

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