New York Declaration Current Affairs - 2020

Tanzania withdraws from UN refugee programme

Tanzania has announced its withdrawal of United Nation’s “Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework” citing security reasons and lack of funds. Tanzania has long been considered as safe haven for refugees, particularly from conflict hit Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Burundi.


Earlier in January 2018, Tanzania had informed United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) that it was suspending granting of citizenship to some Burundian refugees and that it will discourage new asylum applications. It has blamed international community for failing to release funds pledged to help Tanzania integrate refugees.

UN Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework (CRRF)

New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants (also known as New York Declaration) calls upon UNHCR to develop and initiate the application of CRRF in particular situations, in close coordination with relevant States, other UN agencies and stakeholders.

The CRRF specifies key elements for a comprehensive response to any large movement of refugees. These include rapid and well-supported reception and admissions; assistance for local and national institutions and communities receiving refugees; support for immediate and on-going needs (e.g. protection, health, education) and expanded opportunities for solutions.

The CRRF provides lasting solutions for refugees, including integration into host communities. Its approach is based on the idea that refugees should be included in their host communities. According to framework, once refugees get access to education and right to work legally, they can develop their own skills and be more self-reliant, contributing to local economy.

18 December: International Migrants Day

The United Nations (UN) International Migrants Day is observed every year on December 18 to rcreate awareness about the protection and safety of the migrants. It also recognize efforts, contributions and rights of workers and members of their families worldwide. The theme for year 2017 is “Safe Migration in a World on the Move”.

Protection of refugees and migrants

In September 2016, United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) had adopted set of commitments during its first ever summit on large movements of refugees and migrants to enhance protection of refugees and migrants. These commitments collectively are known as New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants (NY Declaration).

The New York Declaration reaffirms importance of international protection regime and represents commitment by UN member states to strengthen and enhance mechanisms to protect people on move. It paves way for adoption of two new global compacts in 2018: global compact on refugees and global compact for safe, orderly and regular migration.


The UNGA had proclaimed 18 December as International Migrants Day after taking into account large and increasing number of migrants in the world in December 2000. This day marks adaptation of international convention on the protection of the rights of migrant workers and members of their families (resolution 45/158) by UNGA on 18 December 1990.