Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve Current Affairs - 2019

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Fire at Bandipur Tiger Reserve

A major fire has broken out in the Bandipur Tiger Reserve and National Park in Chamarajanagar District of Karnataka. Hundreds of acres of forest area have been destroyed in the fire and the fire has even spread to the core area. Due to the fire at the core area, huge damage and loss to the wildlife are expected. The strong winds are Read More…

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In a first, ‘White tiger’ spotted in Nilgiris

A photographer named Nilanjan Ray is believed to have spotted a rare ‘white tiger’ with a pale skin colour for the first time in the Nilgiris. The discovery has aroused interest among conservationists and forest officials. It is yet to be ascertained whether the white tiger is a true genetic mutant. The tiger which was spotted in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve does not seem to be albino and Read More…

Month:  Categories: Environment & Biodiversity