Official language Current Affairs - 2020

April 20: UN Chinese Language Day

Every year, on April 20, the United Nations Chinese Language Day is observed. The day is observed to pay tribute to Cangjie. Cangjie is a mythical figure who invented Chinese Characters.

The first UN Chinese Language Day was observed in 2010.

About Cangjie

The legend in China is believed to have four eyes. Also, it is believed that when the legend invented the Chinese characters the deities and ghosts cried and millet rain occurred.

United Nations

The United Nations celebrate Language days to celebrate cultural diversity and multilingualism. The Chinese language was set as one of the official languages in the United Nations in 1946. However, Chinese was included as the working language in the UN in 1971.

Official Language of the UN

There are six official languages of the UN. They are Arabic, English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish and French.

Working language of the UN

Initially, English and French were established as working languages of the UN. Later, other languages such as Chinese, Russian, Arabic and Spanish were added to the list.

Lai Haraoba Festival begins in Tripura

On January 2, 2020, the Lai Haraoba festival began in Tripura. The festival will be celebrated for 5 days. The festival is celebrated by the Meitei community. The community is spread across Assam, Tripura, Manipur, Meghalaya, Myanmar and Bangladesh. However, the festival is widely celebrated in the state of Manipur.

Lai Haraoba Festival

Lai Haraoba festival is celebrated by Meitei people to please sacred trees called “Umang Lai”. They speak the language called “Meiteilon”.  The Lai Haraoba Festival in the state of Manipur is celebrated in the month of May.

Umang Lai

Umang Lai are the sacred trees that are preserved for the local forest deities. The trees have significant place in Sanamahism. The followers of the religion mainly worship elements of nature such as mountains, water and fire. According to 2011 census, around 8% of Manipur population are following Sanamahism.

Eighth Schedule of Constitution

There are 22 languages in the Eighth Schedule of Constitution. Article 346 says that Hindi in Devanagari script is the official language. However, English is also allowed to be used as official language.

The Language Meiteilon (also called Manipuri) is included in the Eighth Schedule of Constitution of India.