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Tamil Nadu tops in organ donation in India

Tamil Nadu state has topped in organ donation in the country by harvesting organs of 683 persons and donating them to over 3000 beneficiaries.

It was announced by State Health Minister C Vijaya Bhaskar after state observed Organ Donation Day on 13th August 2015.

In Tamil Nadu, the overall organ transplantations included 144 heart transplants, 636 liver transplants, 1233 kidney, 69 lung transplants, 4 pancreas, 618 heart valves, 2 small bowels, 1,032 cornea, 22 skin and 2 blood vessels.

The success of the voluntarily organ donation in the state has been attributed of Transplant Authority of Tamil Nadu (TATN) which was established in 2008. The TATN had played pivotal role in streamlining organ transplantation in the state.

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First successful organ donation from newborn takes place in UK

Doctors from United Kingdom (UK) have carried out the first successful organ donation from a newborn baby.

It is considered as a milestone in neonatal care after donor’s kidneys and liver were used to save the lives of two patients.

Successful organ donation involved

  • Kidneys, which were transplanted into a patient with renal failure.
  • Liver cells (hepatocytes), which were transfused into a further recipient.

The donor was six-day-old baby girl who had died after she was born in extremely poor health. After donors death, her parents had given their consent for organ donation in order to benefit of other sick patients.

  • Implication: In future organ donation from newborns will play significant role in saving the lives sick newborns dying due to organ failure.

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