Pakistan Occupied Kashmir Current Affairs - 2020

Kohala Hydro Power Project

An agreement has been signed between China and Pakistan to implement Kohala Hydroelectric Power project in the region of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. The project is being implemented under the China Pakistan Economic Corridor.


Under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, China sets up Kohala Hydropower project in Pakistan occupied Kashmir. A tripartite agreement was signed between the Tripartite Gorges Corporation, Private Power and Infrastructure Board and the authorities in PoK in order to implement the project.

About the Project

The project is to be built on Jhelum river. It aims at providing 5 billion units of clean hydro electric power to Pakistan. The project will earn carbon credit from the United Nations Framework convention on Climate Change for clean energy.

India’s stand

India had earlier protested plans of Pakistan to build dam in Gilgit-Baltistan. Also, India says that projects in territories of illegal occupation of Pakistan is not appropriate.

Jhelum river

Jhelum is the western most of the river of the five rivers in Punjab. It is a tributary of Indus.

WHO map includes Ladakh as Chinese Territory

The World Health Organization has recently showed the parts of Ladakh as Chinese territory in its map. The region has been shown as dotted line and colour code. Also, the regions of Jammu and Kashmir and Pakistan occupied Kashmir has been shown as dotted line. Dotted line suggest that the region is a disputed territory.


Many of the United Nations maps show parts of Kashmir as disputed region. However, this is the first time a UN body has shown Ladakh region in different colour. This new map of WHO differs from the standard depiction of the UN by not showing parts of Jammu and Kashmir that are under actual control of India. The region that are actually under the control of India has different colour.

India-China Border Issue

Pakistan had given up its power over the PoK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) in 1960s. Today China occupies 37,000 square kilometre in Ladakh. Also, China included parts of Arunachal Pradesh within its territory earlier this month.

Map of China

The Map of China till today was based on its 1989 edition of Sky Map. This map was created after China sorted its border issues with Central Asian countries and Russia. The Sky Map has now updated its geographic information claiming the Tibet region bordering Bhutan and India. China also claims that Arunachal Pradesh is a part of South Tibet.