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Intellectual Property Index: India ranks 40th

On February 5, 2020, the Global Innovation Policy Centre (GIPC) of the US Chamber of Commerce released the International IP (Intellectual Property) Index. According the ranking, India was at position 40 of the 53 economies.

Highlights: India

The report released by GIPC says that India remains to be the most challenging but still promising market for IP-intensive industries. The hurdles mainly remain in patent eligibility and enforcement.

This year India scored 16.22 in Intellectual Property Index. India’s score has shown improvement by 7% as compared to the previous year reporting of GIPC. However, based on relative performance, India was pushed four ranks backwards. In 2019, India was at 36th rank improving from 44th position in 2018. It was the highest gain for any country in 2019.

Highlights: World

With a score of 42.66 US ranked first followed by UK, Sweden, France, Germany and Ireland.

Indian Patents Act, 2005

The amendments introduced in Indian Patents Act, 2005 are considered the main reason for the pace of development in the field of Intellectual property being slowed down. The major amendment of the act includes Section 3 (d). Under the amendment, the act made licensing compulsory for a third party to make an innovative drug at reduced price, especially in the interest of public health.

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GoI new scheme: Rs 400 crores for testing MSME Defense products

The Government of India is planning to launch a new scheme to test defense products manufactured by MSMEs. In order to achieve this, the Ministry of Defence has allocated Rs 400 crores.

Features of the scheme

The test units that are to function under the scheme will be installed in north and south defence corridors. Under the scheme, 75% of the cost of equipment for the testing units will be provided by the Central Government. The first test facility is to be launched for drones.


Government is working to increase its defence exports. This is being done to achieve the set target of Rs 90,000 crore by the end of 2019-20 financial year. To achieve this, several initiatives are being launched. To mention some, recently DRDO offered free access to its 450 patents.

The launch of new scheme will help in achieving the target. It will also aid the startups entering defence production.

The announcement was made in the Quality Assurance-Industry Conclave that was held in Chennai on November 23, 2019. In the conclave, L&T was provided with the “Green Channel Status” under the Green Channel Policy.

Green Channel Policy

The policy was launched by the Ministry of Defence. The policy provides eligibility criteria for firms to obtain Green Channel Status. It also defines the constitution of green channel committee, defect investigation, submission of bank Guarantee, etc.

The nodal agency implementing the policy is Directorate General of Supplies and Disposals (DGS&D)

Under the policy, when a firm gains the “Green Channel status” it can self-certify its products for their quality.

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