Patrol Vessel Current Affairs - 2020

Campaign launched on Prevention of Human and Animal Mortality on Highways

On June 5, 2020, the Union minister of Road Transport and Highways Shri Nitin Gadkari launched the United Nations Development Programme campaign called “Prevention of Human and Animal Mortality on highways”.


India is witnessing 5 lakhs road accidents every year. Out of these 1.5 lakhs lose their lives. The campaign is launched to bring down the accident rates.


The GoI has taken several road safety measures to reduce accidents. This includes Rectification of Black spots, Crash barriers, Traffic barriers, road safety audit, rehabilitation and reconstruction of narrow bridges and highway patrolling.

The GoI has also spent good amounts in creating infrastructure that is safer to animals. The Nagpur-Jabalpur Highway is one such example. Similar successful steps have been taken in Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Maharashtra, etc.

Nagpur-Jabalpur Highway

Around 5,450 wild animals have been captured in the cameras installed that they are using the underpasses constructed in the highway. The report was generated by the Wildlife Institute of India.

ICGS Varad: First Major Defence ship to clear all acceptance Trials in a Single Sea Sortie

On February 28, 2020, the Indian Coast Guard’S ICGS Varad, an Offshore Patrol Vessel was commissioned at Chennai port. The vessel is to operate under North Eastern Coast Guard Region.


The ICGS was built by L&T at Kattupalli near Chennai. It is 98 metres long and holds modern navigation and communication equipment. It is also equipped with 30 mm and 12.7 mm guns. The vessel also holds other onboard features such as platform management systems, integrated bridge system, high power external fire fighting system, etc.

Special Features of the vessel

The Patrol vessel is equipped with pollution responsible equipment for oil spill at sea and also swift boarding operations. It is also capable of carrying a twin-engine helicopter and also 4 high speed boats.

The vessel is the first defence ship to clear the acceptance trials in a single sea sortie. In simple words, the vessel cleared the trials of checking of its military operations in a single go.

What is Sortie?

Sortie is deployment of military unit in aircraft and shipping. It is a combat mission that an individual aircraft deploys as it takes off.