Pm Modi Current Affairs - 2020

International Judicial Conference held in New Delhi

The International Judicial Conference was held in New Delhi recently. The Conference was addressed by PM Modi. The following theme was introduced at the conference

Theme: Gender Just World


The Conference discussed the changes being introduced by the Government of India to bring Gender Equality in recruiting women in military services, selection process of fighter pilots. It also discussed on freedom of women to work in mines at night.

The Conference also focused on the need for technology to deliver rapid justice. The initiative “E-Court Integrated Mission Mode Project” of GoI, to integrate every court of India with the E-Court system was highlighted.

The “Just-World” Hypothesis

The “Just World” fallacy is associated with the actions of bringing fair actions towards education, health, gender equality and other social issues.

The Conference introduced the “Just World” concept in the Judicial System of India. By this it aims to take the judicial system of the country to every citizen irrespective of their gender. Also, it aimed to bring upon gender equality in other crucial areas where women have still not earned their recognition, especially the areas of mining and military.

First Khelo India University Games to be held in Bhuwaneshwar

The first Khelo India University Games is to be held in Bhuwaneshwar, Odisha. The game is to be launched by PM Modi through video conferencing.


More than 3400 athletes in 17 disciplines and from 159 Universities are to participate in the game. This is the first of its kind. On the whole, 17 sports are to be conducted. It includes athletics, archery, fencing, boxing, hudo, weight lifting, swimming, badminton, wrestling, basketball, hockey, football, tennis, table tennis, rugby, volley ball, Kabaddi.

Khelo India

Khelo India is a National Programme for Development of Sports. The main objective of the initiative is to inculcate sports culture at Grass-root level. While, the Khelo India University Games are being launched for the first time in the country, Khelo India School games were launched in 2018 and has been conducted annually in the month of January-February since then.

The Sport even is organized by Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports.