Poultry Current Affairs - 2020

Jammu and Kashmir launches J&K Poultry Policy 2020

The Government of Jammu and Kashmir recently launched the Poultry Policy, 2020. The Government has provided operational guidelines under the policy to promote establishment of poultry units.


The Jammu and Kashmir Government has announced Rs 50 crores of subsidy per annum to establish broiler farms and its allied activities. The policy aims to generate employment in the territory.

About the Policy

The policy is expected to reduce an annual bill of Rs 900 crores that is spent on importing poultry and its products outside the territory. The entrepreneurs, farmers, NGOs, cooperatives, Self Help Groups, Joint Liability Groups are eligible to avail the benefits under the scheme.

Commercial Farms

For Commercial Broiler farms that holds rearing capacity of rearing more than 10,000 birds per unit are to be provided with incentive 30% of capital investment. The upper limit fixed to such incentives is Rs 50 lakhs.

Poultry Culling ordered by Kerala Government to control Bird Flu

On March 14, 2020, the Kerala Government ordered poultry culling. Parappanagadi has been identified as the Epicenter of bird flu. The Government of Kerala is to cull poultry within one-kilometer radius.

What is poultry culling?

Poultry Culling is the process by which unwanted chicks or male embryo are disposed. This is done in industrial egg production. Culling do not involve anaesthetics. Culling is done using carbon dioxide, cervical dislocation and maceration.

Poultry in India

India exports 4,49,527 metric tonnes of poultry products. The major export destination of Indian Poultry are Russia, Maldives, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Oman. According to APEDA (Agricultural and Processed Food Product Export Development Authority), eggs and broilers are increasing at the rate of 8% to 10%.

India was positioned 17th in global poultry production in 2019. Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are the major Poultry producing states in the country.

Today India is the fifth largest producer of eggs and eighteenth largest producer of broilers.