President Donald Trump Current Affairs - 2020

Howdy Modi event held in Houston, Texas

Prime Minister Narendra Modi played host to United States President Donald Trump at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas, for an Indian-American rally dubbed the ‘Howdy Modi: Shared Dreams, Bright Futures’. The mega ‘Howdy, Modi’ gala event saw around 50,000 Indian-Americans in attendance. Before this event, no US President has ever addressed a community event along with an Indian Prime Minister.

Key Highlights of ‘Howdy Modi event’

The event highlighted the sharp shift in Indian diplomacy and new levels of India-US bilateral relations. It also sent out a very strong message- that US-led by Donald Trump is standing firmly with India in its fight against terrorism.

PM Modi and Trump went way out of way to show their unparalleled camaraderie. The event showcased heightened friendship and warmth between India and leader of one of the most powerful nations in world.

It also showed how US is interested in exploring new avenues of cooperation with India.

Why Texas? As part of the event, PM Modi addressed 50,000 Indian-Americans in Houston, which is reportedly the largest gathering ever for a foreign leader visiting US. As per Pew Research Center analysis of US Census data, the US is home to nearly 4 million Indian-Americans, including about 300,000 in Houston and nearby Dallas.

Organizer: The event is being organised by Texas India Forum (TIF), Inc, which is a non-profit organisation that brings together Indian-American institutions and organisations in order to promote collaboration within region and develop opportunities for engagement with India. The event has been organised with the help of over 1,000 volunteers and 650 Texas-based Welcome Partner organisations.

Bavar-373: Iran’s new home-grown air defence system unveiled

Iran unveiled its new home-grown air defence system called Bavar-373 during a ceremony held on Iran’s ‘National Defence Industry Day’. Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani has ordered to add Bavar-373 to country’s missile defence network.

The unveiling takes place against a backdrop of rising tensions between and Iran and United States (US) since US President Donald Trump’s 2018 decision to unilaterally withdrew US from Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action also known Iran nuclear deal (2015) and reimposing sanctions on Iran.

About Bavar-373 Missile System

The word Bavar means ‘believe’ in Farsi. It is being touted as Islamic republic’s 1st domestically produced long-range missile defence system.


It is a long-range mobile surface-to-air missile system.

Range: more than 200 kilometres (124 miles)

This long-range missile system is suited to Iran’s geography.

It competes with Russia’s S-300 and USA’s Patriot systems. It is being touted as a system better than Russia’s S-300 and close to S-400.


Iran began making Bavar after the purchase of Russia’s S-300 system was suspended in 2010 due to international sanctions imposed on it. However, in March 2016, Iran installed S-300 system following several years of delays, after the JCPOA nuclear agreement was reached between Iran and the P5+1 (China France, Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States) on 14 July 2015, which allowed lifting of international sanctions on Iran.