Public Awareness Campaign Current Affairs - 2020

YASH launched by Department of Science and Technology

On April 30, 2020, programme YASH was launched by Department of Science and Technology. YASH is Year of Awareness on Science and Health. The awareness is being created to focus on COVID-19.

The initiative aims at encouraging public engagement and enable communities to increase their sense of awareness against COVID-19. By this, the governments can take informed decisions and mange associated risks.


The National Council for Science and Technology Communication (NCSTC) operating under Department of Science and Technology has launched YASH to focus on COVID-19. It is a comprehensive science and health communication initiative to promote grass-root level response on health.

What is the plan?

Under the initiative, the NCSTC has planned to work out academic, media, research and voluntary organizations to prepare for emergency and also to address challenges. The programme will include health, science and risk communication software, audio-visual, folk performances, digital platforms and communicators to address the challenges. The programme is to be launched in regional languages.

Aim of the programme

The programme has been launched to minimize the risks of COVID-19 at all levels with the help of public awareness.


The YASH programe will help in improving risk understanding, indigenous knowledge, bring attitudinal changes, to cope with courage and confidence.

COVID-19: “Sahyog” Mobile application launched by Survey of India

The Survey of India has launched a mobile application called “Sahyog” to collect information about COVID-19 specific data sets through community engagement.


The application will help to increase response activities of the GoI towards the pandemic. The data collected through the Sahyog application will be used to enhance other applications such as “Arogya Setu” and the Integrated Geospatial platform.

The application will complement “Arogya Setu” that was launched for contact tracing, self-assessment and public awareness.


The application will also collect geotagged information about India’s critical infrastructure. This will help public health agencies to take decisions and frame protocols in the fight against COVID-19.


The application will also provide other relevant information about COVID-19. This includes containment areas, ICMR testing laboratories, hospitals, quarantine camps. The data fed into the app by the ASHA and Anganwadi workers will act as a good support system.