Railway Ticketings Current Affairs - 2020

MoU between Railways and SBI for door step banking

On January 14, 2020, the South-Central Railways and SBI signed MoU to implement door step banking in 585 railway stations


The MoU will enable direct pick up of cash from all the railway stations included in the MoU. Before the agreement, the earnings generated at the railway stations were manually sent to nearest banks that were authorised to collect the deposit on behalf of the Railways. This delayed the remittance of cash because of several factors such as availability of man power, holidays, etc.

Major Benefits of the new system

The door step banking will provide uniform cash remittance mechanism in all the railway stations. It will also provide real time information about the cash that is deposited by different stations. This will enable increased accountability and also will help in better supervision. This method will also avoid unwanted accumulation of cash at railway stations.

Why not DBT?

The Direct Bank Transfer is not a feasible option at the moment. This is because there are still persons in the interior parts of the country using cash to buy their tickets. Apart from interior parts, cash is still used in urban areas to buy tickets as well.

The number of passengers using online to book their tickets have increased since 2011-12. In 2015, around 54% of tickets were booked online as compared to 2012. In 2018 the e-ticket sales have been up by 14%. However, there are still an accountable population using cash to buy their tickets.

Indian Railway launches one touch ATVM

On October 24, 2019, the Indian Railways launched the “one touch ATVM” at 42 suburban stations. The purpose of the service is to render fast ticketing to millions of commuters, especially in the Mumbai Suburban Network.


  • The machine will reduce wasting time of the passengers.
  • It will greatly ease the load on ticketing system of Mumbai Suburban Network.
  • The features of the one touch ATVM is that a passenger can obtain ticket in two steps. Earlier machines had 6 steps
  • The machine will also provide platform tickets.

About ATVM

  • ATVM are Automatic Ticket Vending Machines. They work on Linux software.
  • The machines operate on a smart card. The card is to be placed on a slot and the user has to select the route and destination. The machine confirms the details and ticket is printed.
  • The menu options are tri lingual.
  • After issuance of the ticket, money is deducted from the card.