Raisina Dialogue Current Affairs - 2020

RAISINA DIALOGUE: Ind-Fin MoU; Russia on India’s UNSC membership and Indo-Pacific

The Raisina Dialogue was held at New Delhi for four days recently. Leaders from several countries participated in the dialogue. It included foreign ministers from 13 countries including Iran, Australia and Russia. During the Raisina Dialogue, India and Finland signed a defence agreement. Also, Russia announced that it supports India for the latter’s permanent membership at the UNSC (United Nations Security Council)

Russia at Raisina Dialogue


Russia at the Raisina Dialogue questioned the idea of “Indo-Pacific”. It said that the concept of Indo-Pacific is divisive. Russia also believes that the concept of Indo-Pacific isolates China and also aims to move away from ASEAN centred building model.

UNSC Membership

Russia at the Raisina Dialogue also announced that it backs India for the latter’s permanent UNSC membership. Along with India, Brazil is also seeking permanent membership from UNSC. Russia extended its support to Brazil as well.


On the sidelines of the Raisina Dialogue, India and Finland signed a Defence MoU. The agreement aimed to increase cooperation between the countries in terms of procurement, production, R&D of Defence related equipment. The agreement was under discussion between the countries since DefExpo 2018. It has now been formalized to run up to DefExpo 2020. The talks for the agreement was initiated by PM Modi at the first India-Nordic Summit held at Stockholm.

India-Nordic Summit

The Nordic countries are the countries in Northern Europe and North Atlantic. It mainly includes Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Sweden and Norway. At the India-Nordic Summit, the areas of economic growth, global security, climate change and innovation were focused.

Raisina Dialogue to be held New Delhi

The Raisina Dialogue is to be held between January 14, 2020 and January 16, 2020. It is a multilateral conference that is held in New Delhi annually since 2016. The dialogue is organised by the Ministry of External Affairs and Observer Research Foundation.


This year, in 2020, number of foreign ministers are to attend the dialogue. It includes ministers from Russia, Iran, Maldives, Morocco, Australia, Bhutan, Denmark, Czech Republic, Uzbekistan and Estonia.

Theme: 21@20: Navigating the Alpha Century

About the Dialogue

Since its inception, it is considered as India’s flagship conference on geo-economics and geopolitics. It aims at exploring opportunities of Asian integration.

In 2016, the dialogue focused on Asia’s physical, human, economic and digital connectivity under the theme, “Asia: Regional and global connectivity”. In the consecutive year, the conference aimed at linking Asia with the rest of the world. In 2017, the conference was held on the theme, “The New Normal: Multilateralism and Multipolarity”.

In 2018, the third dialogue was conducted under the theme, “Managing disruptive Transitions: Ideas, Institutions and Idioms”. In 2019, the fourth conference was held under the theme, “New Geometrics, Fluid Partnerships, Uncertain Outcomes”. It focused on an reorder of the political, economic and strategic solutions that aims at developing Asia.

Name of the conference

The conference is named after, “Raisina Hills”, which is the seat of Government of India and Rashtrapati bhavan. The dialogue was designed on the lines of Shangri-La dialogue.