Raising Day Current Affairs - 2020

Army Medical Corps 256th Raising Day celebrated

On April 3, 2020, the Army Medical Corps Raising Day was celebrated under the motto

Motto: “Survey Santu Nirmaya”

The meaning of “Survey Santu Nirmaya” is “Let all the humans be free from disabilities and diseases”.


The Army Medical Corps have been actively involved in establishing isolation, screening and treatment facilities for armed personnel. This is being done even now, in the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. They are known for their quality patient care

Army Medical Corps

The Army Medical Corps provide medical services to army personnel along with their families. The Army Medical Corps was established in 1943 amalgamating Indian Medical Services, Indian Hospital and Nursing Corps and Indian Medical Department. Until 1918, the Indian troops had no separate station hospital facilities.

Indian Medical Service

The Indian Medical Service was the major contributor of the Army Medical Corps. IT was formed in 1612 when East India Company was formed. Indianization of the service began in 1912. Till then only British doctors and surgeons were appointed and British personnel were given priority.

71st raising Day celebrated by NCC

On November 24, the National Cadet Corps (NCC) celebrated the 71st raising day. The day was embarked all over the country.

2019 major contributions of NCC

In this current year, the NCC have contributed significantly to relief and recovery operations during floods in Bihar, Maharashtra and Kerala. They have also been an active part of Swachhta Cycle rally, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Mega Pollution Pakhwada. They have played a major role in Blood donation camps, digital literacy, tree plantation, international Day of Yoga, immunization programmes, etc.

The girl cadets of NCC successfully climbed the Mount Tenchenkhang in Sikkim. The mountain is 6,010 metres high. They also summited Mount Tibba in Himachal Pradesh which is 5,982 metres high.

About NCC

The NCC has been active since 1948. It is a tr-service organization that comprises of Navy, Army and Air Force. It is a voluntary organization in schools, colleges and universities. The cadets are given basic preliminary training in small arms and parades.


NCC was created under Indian Defence Act, 1917. The objective of the legislation was to make up shortage in army. Under the act, University Corps were created

In 1948, the National Cadet Corps Act, was enacted to replace the University Corps with the National Cadet Corps. Today NCCs function according to the norms in NCC act, 1948