Ranking Current Affairs - 2020

ICC Ranking: India declines from top position to third

On May 2, 2020, the International Cricket Council (ICC) announced the ranking of cricket teams. According to the ranking, Australia ranked top and India ranked third.  New Zealand was ranked second in the ranking.


For more than 43 months India was placed at top position. The current ranking considers all the matches played since 2017. The matches played since 2017 were considered 50% and the matches played since 2019 were considered 100%.

The points of the countries include Australia with 116 points, New Zealand earned 115 points and India had earned 114 points.

The biggest fall in the ranking was suffered by South Africa. It fell by 8 points and dropped below Sri Lanka at 6th. This was because, South Africa played three series in the period selected by ICC and had lost 8 tests. It had played a total of 9 test matches since February 2019. The matches were against Sri Lanka, India and England.


The ICC Ranking was introduced in 2003. India’s rank was behind Australia for a period of more than 74 months since its launch.

About the Rankings

Australia for the first time has acquired top spot in T20 as well as in Test series. England had continued to lead in ODI men’s ranking.

Transparency International: Assam tops in budget formulation

According to the survey conducted by Transparency International, Assam tops in terms of budget formulation followed by Odisha and Andhra Pradesh. The states that were ranked lower in terms of budget formulation are Goa, Maharashtra and Punjab.


The survey was conducted by the organization based on four parameters such as budgetary process, public disclosure, post budget fiscal management and efforts to make budget citizen friendly.

Transparency International

The international Non-Governmental Organization measures and prevents criminal activities arising due to corruption. It releases Global Corruption Index annually. The organization is also a member of UNESCO, United National Global Compact, UNESCO Consultative Status, United Nations Sustainable Development Group.

The Headquarters of Transparency International is located in Germany.

Other Key products of Transparency International

The Organization also provides Global Corruption Barometer that asks citizens about their personal experiences of corruption in their daily lives. Apart form this the organization also publishes Government Anti-Corruption Index.