Red Sea Current Affairs - 2019

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Saudi Arabia and Egypt to build bridge over the Red Sea

Saudi Arabia and Egypt have decided to build bridge connecting each other over the Red Sea to boost trade and commerce.

In this regard, Saudi Arabi has announced that an agreement has been reached with Egypt.

The announcement was made by Saudi Arabia’s king Salman during his official state visit to Egypt. However it was not mentioned where the bridge would be built.

Key facts

  • It is postulated that the joint bridge planned over the Red Sea at the entrance of the Gulf of Aqaba.
  • It will be located at the closest point near Nabq, north of Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt and Ras Alsheikh Hamid in Saudi Arabia where two countries are 16km apart.
  • The project has been in the pipeline for several years to connect the two countries from Africa and Asia continents.
  • In that plan, the causeway bridge would pass through Saudi Arabia’s Tiran Island, which would serve as a connection between the two countries and continents.

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New species of Hydroid discovered in Red Sea

An international team of biologists have discovered a new species of hydroid polyps emitting green fluorescence in the Red Sea.

These species were found during the investigations of the biodiversity of coral reefs of the archipelago Farasan south of the Red Sea near Saudi Arabia.

Key facts

  • These hydroid polyps ( also called hydrozoas) are presumably a new species of the genus Cytaeis whose body length reaches 1.5 mm.
  • They were found to be emitting green light in association with the gastropod Nassarius margaritifer in the night.
  • The new species are living in colonies as garlands of ‘fluorescent lanterns’ and emitting a green glow around the mouth of polyps may attract prey.

Fluorescence: It is a glow of some pigments or proteins under light illumination. It generally fades instantly after the end of the illumination.

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