Road Accidents Current Affairs - 2020

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Annual Report on Road Accidents in India released

On November 20, 2019, the Ministry of road transport and highways released a report on “Road Accidents in India, 2018”. According to the report, around 1,51,417 deaths occurred in India due to road accidents in 2018. It pointed out that road environment, human errors and vehicle conditions were the major reasons for road accidents.

Highlights of the report

The reports said that the number of road accidents have increased by 2.4% as compared to 2017. Around 53 crashes and loss of 17 lives are occurring in India every hour.

Around 48% of road crash deaths were of persons in the age group between 18 years and 35 years. 6.6% of persons who died in road accidents were minors.

According to the report, Tamil Nadu topped the country in terms of number of road crashes. The report also said that many states failed to enact Motor Vehicles Amendment Act and also reduced the fines (Eg: Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand)

Road Accident Deaths

The road accident deaths due to use of mobile phones accounted to 2.4%, drunken driving accounted to 2.8%. The deaths that occurred due to driving on the wrong sides of the road accounted to 5.8% and over-speeding accident deaths accounted to 6.4%.

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INTELIGHTS: India’s 1st 3-D Smart Traffic Signal launched in Mohali

Mohali traffic police in Punjab have launched India’s first wireless 3-D Smart Traffic Signal System called Intelights. It proposes a Intelligent Traffic Timer Control to regulate traffic signals with smart bird’s eye view using wireless sensor system. It has been installed at traffic crossing near the Airport Road in Mohali on a pilot project basis.


One of the major reasons for traffic congestion is inefficient working of traffic signal timers installed at intersections. Presently, timers of traffic lights display preset value which leads to waste of time. For instance, consider scenario in which traffic signal shows green light for ’20 seconds’ but there is no vehicle present at that particular intersection – thus leading to unnecessary waste of time.

About Intelights

It has been devised by students of Chandigarh university after three years of intensive research. It proposes a 360-degree solution to curb the rising problem of traffic congestion

Working: It uses dynamic signal control technology to adjust timers of red, yellow and green lights according to the traffic density at an intersection. It uses existing CCTV cameras to gather live traffic video feed, and automatically evaluates the traffic density using Artificial Intelligence (AI), and sets signal timers accordingly. This process is repeated for every cycle of traffic lights to keep traffic flowing smoothly.

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