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Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe awarded 2015 Confucius Peace Prize by China

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has been awarded 2015 Confucius Peace Prize by China. The Prize is dubbed as Chinese equivalent of the Nobel Peace Prize.

He has been chosen for this edition of prize for his inspirational leadership and service to pan-Africanism and African independence.

The prize also has recognised his efforts to overcome difficulties of all kinds and his commitments for constructing his nation’s political and economic order.

About Robert Mugabe

  • Mugabe is the founding leader of Zimbabwe and has ruled the country since it gained independence in 1980 from United Kingdom.
  • He was elected as Prime Minister in 1980 and served in that office till 1987.
  • He became Zimbabwe’s first President in December 1987 and since then he is in office for past 28 years.
  • In January 2015, he was appointed as Chairman of African Union (AU).

About Confucius Peace Prize

  • The prize was established in 2010 by China’s Communist Government after it was angered by Nobel Peace Prize being awarded to imprisoned Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo.
  • It is bestowed for promotion of world peace from the 21st-century interpretation of Confucianism i.e. universal harmony in the world.
  • The award carries monetary prize of 500,000 Renminbi (nearly 80,000 dollars).
  • Previous Recipients: Vladimir Putin (2011), Kofi Annan and Yuan Longping (2012) and Fidel Castro (2014).

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Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe appointed as Chairman of African Union

Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe has been appointed as Chairman of African Union (AU).

He will be 13th Chairman of African Union (AU) and succeed Mauritanian President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz for a one-year term. The position of chairman of the AU is a rotating one on yearly basis and largely ceremonial.

Robert Mugabe: He has ruled Zimbabwe since independence. He is Zimbabwe’s longest serving President and had assumed office in December 1987. Currently, he is also chairman of the 15-nation Southern African Development Community.

African Union (AU)

  • It is the successor of Organisation of African Unity (OAU) and came into existence in 2002 at Durban summit in South Africa.
  • Headquarters: It is located at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
  • Motto: A United and Strong Africa.
  • Objective: As pan-African organization, AU aims at promoting unity and cooperation among African nations. It also strives to spread democracy and good governance in the continent.
  • Members: At present the African Union has a total of 54 members. Morocco is the only African country which is not the part of the Union.

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