Robotics Current Affairs - 2020

Captain Arjun: The Robot launched by Railway Protection Force

The Railway Protection Force recently launched a Robot called “Captain Arjun”. ARJUN is Always be Responsible and Just Use to be Nice.


The robot Captain Arjun was launched to intensify screening and surveillance at the railway stations. It was launched by the Railway Protection Force operating under Central Railways

About the robot

The robot will screen the passengers while they board the trains. It will also keep a watch on anti-social elements. The robot can be deployed for multiple uses and is an effective element that will operate under the station access controls. Captain Arjun will also increase the security plans of the railway stations.

The robot is equipped with PTZ camera, motion sensor and one Dome camera. The cameras installed in the robot uses Artificial Intelligence algorithms to track antisocial activities and suspicious activities.

Also, the robot has an inbuilt motion activated spot light, siren and internal storage to record data during network failures. The robot does thermal screening and also record the temperature of the passengers. It also displays the recorded temperature on a digital display.

India first in world to make internet-controlled Robot

An engineer from Thane has developed an internet-controlled robot. The bot is first of its kind. The robot addresses the needs of the hospitals treating COVID-19 patients.

About Coro-bot

The robot has been named Coro-bot. It can independently dispense food, beverages, water, medicines. The robot also gives good advises to patients without the aid of nurses, staffs or other care givers.

The Coro-bot has been deployed for first time at the Holy Cross hospital in Kalyan.

Internet of Things

The robot has a special option of controlling it through an application from any part of the world. This makes the bot unique. The robot becomes the first in world to use Internet of Things technology in medical field.

Features of Coro-bot

The Coro-bot has three nozzles. The first nozzle is used to provide disinfectant bath for the robot himself. The second nozzle is used to spray sanitizers on both sides of the path and the third nozzle is used to disinfect the ground with UV light as the robot moves.

The robot also has dispensers for tea, coffee and water.