Science and Techniology Current Affairs - 2020

What is COVID Toe?

The British Journal of Dermatology Researchers have so far observed 5 clinical patterns of the COVID-19 cases. One such is COVID Toe. COVID Toe is a kind of rash that is being developed in COVID-19 patients.


According to the study, COVID Toe was observed in 19% of patients infected with COVID-19. The dermatologists call the red rashes as Pseudo-Chilblain lesions. They are small red and itchy patches that occur on the fingers and toes when exposed to cold.


Chilblains occur due to inflammation of blood vessels and response to repeated exposure of cold air. It usually goes away in one or three weeks. However, this was not the case with Chilblains like patches due to COVID-19.

Five Clinical Patterns Observed

According to the study, five clinical patterns were observed in patients with COVID-19 infection. They are as follows

  • Small blisters on the limbs and trunks were found on 9% of COVID-19 patients. It was more among middle aged patients
  • White of pink skin that looked like nettle rashes were observed in 19% of patients
  • Maculopapules were found in more than 47% of patients. Maculopapules are small, raised and flat red bumps that were common in patients with severe infections.
  • Livedo occurred in 6% of patients. Livedo is condition where the skin looked blotchy red or blue. It has signs of poor circulation of blood.

Google launches ‘#SecurityCheckKiya’ campaign

Search engine giant Google has launched ‘#SecurityCheckKiya’ campaign in India to create awareness around Internet safety. It was launched on the occasion of Safer Internet Day (6 February).

The campaign aims to protect first-time web users from account hijacking, safeguard Android devices from malicious apps and secure all their personal data if they lose their device.

Key Facts

Under campaign, Google has recommended three simple steps for Internet safety. It includes reviewing security settings and Google account activity with one click for all Android devices and Gmail users. The campaign is targeted at young and first-time users to protect themselves from account hijacking. It is also aimed at shielding Android mobile devices from malicious apps.

Google Security check helps users to automatically scan for any vulnerability and guides them to keep their account safe in a few minutes. Moreover ‘Google Play Protect’ service scans and checks Android devices for any harmful apps. Find My Device app from Google helps a user to easily locate a lost Android device and keeps the device and information secure, according the firm.