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World’s first wind farm being built off Scotland coast

The world’s first full—scale floating wind farm is being built off the coast of Scotland in the North Sea. The wind farm, known as Hywind is a trial project which aims to bring power to 20,000 homes.

The floating wind farm technology will allow wind power to be harvested in waters that are too deep for the existing bottom—standing turbines particularly installed in shallow waters.


Unlike normal turbines, floating turbines are not attached to the seabed by foundations. Rather, they are attached by long mooring tethers, allowing them to be placed in deep water. Traditional fixed turbines work best at a depth of 20-50m on stationary base.

Key Facts

The park will be around four square kilometers in size in deep sea. Each turbine in the park will be floating at a depth of between 95 and 120 metres.  Each turbine tower, including the blades in the floating wind park is 175m high and weighs 11,500 tonnes. It uses a large buoy filled with iron ore to weight the base to keep it upright. The turbines also make use of new blade technology, which twits the blades in order to lessen the impact of wind, waves and currents to hold turbine tower upright.


The turbines in the floating wind farm can operate in water up to a kilometre deep. The power output is also larger than power generation from current stationary turbines. This revolutionary tech development project will demonstrate workability of floating wind farm technology in open sea conditions and also help to bring costs down.


Mhairi Black, youngest elected MP in United Kingdom

Mhairi Black at the age of 20 became the youngest elected Member of Parliament (MP) in United Kingdom in over 300 years.

She was elected as MP to House of Commons i.e. lower house of UK Parliament from Paisley and Renfrewshire South constituency in Glasgow, Scotland.

Mhairi Black represents Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP). In this general election she defeated Labour Party’s election chief and a former Cabinet minister Douglas Alexander by over 6000 votes by gaining total 17864 votes.

Mhairi Black is student at the University of Glasgow and currently in her final year of a Politics and Public Policy degree.

It should be noted that, in 1667 Christopher Monck, Earl of Torrington at the age 13 was the youngest the MP in United Kingdom.