Sex Ratio Current Affairs - 2020

Jaya Jaitly Task Force Constituted

The Government of India has constituted Jaya Jaitly Task Force that will work on the issues of women and child development.

About the task force

The task force was constituted by the Ministry of Women and Child Development. The team will work on the following

  • Lowering Maternal Mortality Rate.
  • Improve Nutritional Levels.
  • Examine issues that are related age of motherhood.

Apart from the above three major tasks, the force will also work on issues related to Infant Mortality Rate, Total Fertility Rate, Maternal Mortality Rate, Child Sex Ratio Rate, Sex Ratio at Birth and other issues related to health and nutrition. The team will also suggest measures to promote higher education of women.

The task force will also suggest suitable amendments to existing laws and also suggest new legislations to achieve its recommendations.

Union Budget

The Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaraman had announced about setting up of the task force during her budget presentation for the year 2020-21.

Maternal Mortality Rate

The Maternal Mortality Rate is the number of registered maternal deaths due to pregnancy related issues or birth per 100,000 registered live births. Maternal death of a woman is included under MMR if she died while pregnant or within 42 days of termination of pregnancy as well.

According to SRS (Sample Registration System), the MMR of India in the year 2015-17 is 122 per 1 lakh.

January 24: National Girl Child Day

India celebrates National Girl Child Day on January 24 annually. It was initiated by Ministry of Women and Child Development in 2008.


The aim of the day is to spread awareness about inequalities faced by girls in the country. It also promotes awareness about rights of girl child. Also, it increases importance of health, education and nutrition of girl child.  The National Girl Child Day also spreads various atrocities faced by girls in their lives. The international day of girl child is celebrated on October 11 every year.


Girls in India face humiliation, discrimination and oppression. According to CRY (Child Rights and You) India is the home of more than one-third child brides in the world. There are more than 10 million child brides in the world, They are forced into marriage before the legal age of 18

Sex Ratio

Sex Ratio is the ratio of male to female population. Sex ratio of the entire world is 101 males to 100 females (2018 estimate). In India according to the Census 2011, the sex ration was 108.9. It has been increasing since 1961. It was 102.4 in 1961, 104.2 in 1980 and 107.5 in 2001.

The natural sex ratio for a society should be between 103 and 107. However, in India it is higher in western and north western states such as Haryana, Maharashtra, Jammu and Kashmir. The eastern and southern states have normal sex ratio.