Sex Ratio Current Affairs - 2020

World Economic Forum Report: India slips to rank 112 in Gender Gap

On December 17, the World Economic Forum released its report according to which India ranked 112th in terms of gender gap. The report said that the India was ranked in bottom-five in terms of survival and economic participation.

Highlights: India

India was in 108th position in 2018. Its performance weakened in the year 2019 according to the report. India’s performance was lagging in three out of four metrics used for ranking the countries. India slipped to 150th rank in health and survival, 149th in economic participation, 112th in educational attainment. India improved to 18th place in terms of political empowerment.

The report also said that opportunities for women in India is very low. India was ranked below countries like Bangladesh (50th), Indonesia (85th), Brazil (92nd), Nepal (101st), Sri Lanka (102nd), China (106th).

The World Economic Forum published its first report in 2006. Since then performance of India has deteriorated. In 2006, India was ranked at 98th place. Opportunities for women in the country is 35.4%. Sex ratio of India was low as compared to other countries (91 girls for every 100 boys).

Highlights: World

Iceland was the topmost gender-neutral country. Next to Iceland, other Nordic Countries like Norway, Finland and Sweden were the top performers. At the top 10, countries like Nicaragua (5th), New Zealand (6th), Ireland (7th), Spain (8th), Rwanda (9th) and Germany (10th). United States continued to decline falling to 53rd place

Though there are several hinderance for the situation to get improved, role model effect will start to have impact in terms of leadership. For instance, eight out of top 10 countries had high political empowerment with greater participation from women.

January 24: National Girl Child Day

National Girl Child Day (NGCD) is celebrated in India on January 24th with an aim to raise awareness about Child Sex Ratio (CSR) levels and promote the empowerment of girls.


The key objectives of National Girl Child Day are as follows:

  • To spread awareness about the declining Child Sex Ratio (CSR) in the country and carry out campaigns to improve the same.
  • To empower the girl children with new opportunities via schemes and campaigns.
  • To create a positive environment around valuing the girl child.

Theme of NGCD-2019

The theme of National Girl Child Day-2019 is “Empowering Girls for a Brighter Tomorrow

International Day of Girl Child versus National Girl Child Day

The International Day of the Girl Child is observed every year across world on October 11 to recognize girls’ rights and unique challenges faced by girls around the world. Observance of the day seeks to increase awareness of gender inequality faced by girls worldwide based upon their gender and supports more opportunity for girls.