Smartphones Current Affairs - 2019

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Fire Resistant Lithium-Ion Batteries

The scientists at John Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, US, have developed Lithium-Ion batteries that can operate under extreme conditions like submersion, ballistic impact, cutting and heat. In simple lay man terms, they can operate even under fire!

Lithium-Ion Batteries

The Lithium-Ion batteries that are commonly used in every household item starting from smartphones are susceptible to catastrophic fire and explosion. Because of this, many phones were banned from airlines and ships. The US Navy had prohibited the use of e-cigarettes on ships and submarines because of the danger the batteries possessed.

The Technology behind the battery

The scientists have used water-in-salt and water-in-bisalt electrolytes in the batteries. These electrolytes were incorporated in a polymer matrix to reduce water activity and elevate energy capabilities of the battery. This gives the batteries higher energies to withstand heat and pressure.

Lenovo to make Smartphones in Chennai with Flextronics under Make in India initiative

Chinese personal computer and smartphone giant Lenovo has roped with electronics contract manufacturer Flextronics to start manufacturing facility in Sriperambudur, near Chennai.

Lenovo has forayed in Indian smartphone manufacturing sector after the latest entrant Foxconn who will manufacture the phones in its facility and will invest $ 5 billion over a period of five years in India.

Lenovo will start local manufacturing smartphones of it’s both brands Lenovo and Motorola which it acquired from Google last year at its Sriperambudur facility.

Lenovo’s development comes as another boost for the government’s ambitious ‘Make in India’ campaign which will establish local manufacture units with an annual production capacity of 6 million units smartphones and expects employment to 1,500 persons.

Currently Lenovo manufactures around three million PCs and laptops at Puducherry, near Chennai but didn’t have smartphone manufacturing unit in India.

It should be noted that India is the third largest smartphone market in the world.

Note: Sriperambudur earlier had Nokia manufacturing facility which later suspended its operations resulting 30,000 people losing jobs, 50% of them were women.