social distancing Current Affairs - 2020

IIT Kharagpur: AI Based Social-Distancing Monitor

The Researchers of IIT Kharagpur have developed an Artificial Intelligence based cyber-physical system to monitor social distancing in public places.


The device developed by the researchers will play a proximity alert whenever there is a violation of social distancing norms. The device captures field view and computes distances according to the criteria set by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

The researchers of the institute have designed the device using inexpensive and easily accessible hardware materials.

Social Distancing

The social distancing is non-pharmaceutical prevention of an infection. This is done by decreasing contact between the persons that are infected by the disease-causing pathogen. According to WHO, when someone has COVID-19, the minimum physical distance to stay away from him is 1 metre. The same norms are followed in India as well.

Some countries follow 2 metres of social distancing and some others follow 1.5 metres. UK follows 2 metre distancing and Australia follows 1.5 metres.

Bundesliga of Germany: World’s first sports competition after COVID-19 lock down

The Bundesliga of Germany becomes the world’s first major sports event to resume after COVID-19 lock down.


Though the sports events are beginning, they will not be played the same way. The Bundesliga games began with empty stadium though the stadium had capacity to hold more than 80,000 players. The players are being tested twice a week.

The teams participating in the games were kept under quarantine. The teams entered the ground at different times. The substitutes sat well apart during the matches.


The Bundesliga is the primary football league in Germany. It has the highest stadium attendance worldwide. The game was begun in 1963. The Bundesliga is number one football league in the world in terms of attendance.

Bundesliga means “Federal League”. The word is common in countries like Austria and Germany.


The COVID-19 has resulted in postponing important sports events such as Tokyo Olympics, Wimbledon, etc.