Social Media Current Affairs - 2020

Government to set up FACT Check Module to curb fake news

Union Government has decided to set up FACT Check Module to identify incidences of fake news on social media and digital platforms and take corrective action. It will be set up under Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, the government’s public relations arm.

About FACT Check module

It is aimed at protecting and insulating the government and its agencies against fake news on social media and digital platforms. It will largely focus on online and digital content for now and will be later expanded to the electronic media later.

It will be initially manned by information service officers, who are also mandated to create appropriate content to re-balance narrative and promote government’s official position. They will also target content to ensure that government versions are visible and accessible to public

It will work on the four principles of find, assess, create and target (FACT), which involves round-the-clock monitoring of online news sources and publicly available social media posts. It will also identify themes or stories that promote false and misleading information relating to government and its agencies. It will also assess scale of engagement with the risk identified and establish whether it is appropriate to respond to the content.


Government has decided to set up FACT Check module (mechanism) after taking serious note of rising incidences of fake news on social media and digital platforms. This decision was triggered by a spate of “fake” reports online, the latest being one in section of Bangladeshi media that claimed Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated CJI Ranjan Gogoi over Ayodhya verdict. In this case, Government had quickly clarified about this report as “malicious” and “fake”. But this matter led Prime Minister Office (PMO) and I&B ministry to conclude that formal mechanism to tackle such fake news was needed urgently.

Facebook bans White Nationalism, White Separatism on its Platforms

Facebook has banned praise, support and representation of white nationalism and white separatism on its platforms. This move had a qualified approval from the recent Christchurch mosque shooting. Further, Facebook has stated that it will direct users who post or search content connected to these ideologies to an organization that helps people leave hate groups.

Social Media platforms were under pressure and criticisms that they have failed to confront extremism. Social Media was under the spotlight after a suspected white supremacist broadcasted live footage of his attacks in Christchurch, New Zealand.

What are White Supremacy, White Nationalism and White Separatism?

White Supremacy is defined as a belief system with tenets like “whites should have dominance over people of other backgrounds, especially where they may co-exist; whites should live by themselves in a whites-only society; white people have their own ‘culture’ that is superior to other cultures; white people are genetically superior to other people.”

White Nationalism is defined as a “euphemism for white supremacy”. Whit Nationalism emphasizes defining a country or region by white racial identity and which seeks to promote the interests of whites exclusively, typically at the expense of people of other backgrounds.”

White Separatism is defined as a form of white supremacy which emphasizes the idea that white people should exist separately from all inferior, non-white races, whether by establishing an all-white community somewhere or removing non-whites from their midst.