South Western Command Current Affairs - 2019

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Gandiv Vijay:  Chetak Corps of South Western Command conduct military exercise in Rajasthan

Chetak corps of South Western Command of Indian Army conducted military exercise Gandiv Vijay in Mahajan field firing ranges of Rajasthan. The exercise was conducted two months to validate their operational plans of Chetak corps and concluded on May 23, 2018.

Gandiv Vijay miliarty exercise

The Gandiv Vijay miliarty exercise was based on central role of carrying out offensive operations through joint air-land battle in network-centric environment employing modern intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance concepts and equipment. It involved multi-mode mobilisation of thousands of troops from dispersed locations along with array of war fighting equipment in terrain orchestrated on lines of operational responsibility of formation in hot adverse weather conditions of deserts of Rajasthan. The participating formations carried out synergistic employment of long-range vectors along with infantry and mechanised forces and air arm to achieve decisive victory.

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Vijay Prahar exercise of Indian Army concludes in Suratgarh, Rajasthan

Indian Army’s month long Vijay Prahar exercise concluded in Suratgarh, Rajasthan. It was conducted by South Western Command of Indian Army. The month-long exercise was aimed to orchestrate wide spectrum of threats including  Nuclear, Chemical or Biological (NCB) attack which are planned to be tackled through high tempo joint air and land operation.

Vijay Prahar exercise

In this month long exercise, over 20,000 troops participated with fighting equipment for couple of weeks to fine-tune jointmanship with Indian Air Force. It involved hundreds of aircrafts, thousands of tanks and artillery pieces supported by real time intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and logistic support.

The exercise was conducted to practice troops in penetrative manoeuvres across obstacle ridden terrain under a nuclear umbrella. In it, formations of South Western Command practised and operationalised certain innovative concepts of operating in network centric environment.

It also deployed integrated employment of modern day sensors with weapon platforms, employment of attack helicopters in air cavalry role and bold offensive of application of Special Forces. The formations refined their drills and procedures for fighting in nuclear environment during course of the exercise.

South Western Command

The South Western Command of the Indian Army was established in April 2005 and became fully operational on 15 August 2005. It is headquartered at Jaipur, Rajasthan. The command’s operational units include I Corps, formerly under Central Command, and X Corps transferred from Western Command.

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