Space Current Affairs - 2019

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President Trump Signs Directive to Create a Military Space Force

President Trump has signed a directive to create a Military Space Force. The directive orders the Pentagon to establish the Space Force as the sixth branch of the United States military, to go along with the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard.

Military Space Force

The main goal of the Space Force is to secure and extend American dominance of the space domain. The features of the Military space force are:

  • Rather than deploying soldiers in space, the Space Force will focus on national security and preserving the satellites and vehicles that are dedicated to international communications and observation.
  • Space could be a new warfighting domain and the US aims to be combat ready with Military Space Force.
  • The Space force will be responsible to deter and defeat threats in space and will organize, train, and equip military space forces.
  • The Space force will ensure unfettered access to, and freedom to operate in space, and to provide vital capabilities to joint and coalition forces.

Details about the Space Force like exactly how much it might cost remains unclear. The creation of military space force to materialise requires approval from the US Congress.

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10 dimensions of Vision 2030

The Union Government in the interim budget 2019 unveiled its vision for 2030, listing 10 dimensions to create an India where poverty, malnutrition, littering and illiteracy would be a matter of the past.

Vision 2030

The 10 dimensions of Vision 2030 listed in the interim budget 2019 are:

Physical & Social Infrastructure

Building next-generation infrastructure in all sectors comprising roads, railways, seaports, airports and inland waterways together with social infrastructure is the first dimension to provide ease of living.

Digital India

Building a “Digital India” that reaches every corner of the economy and every citizen.

Clean & Green India

An India that drives electric vehicles, with renewables becoming a major source of energy, bringing down import dependence and increasing energy security for our people is the vision of Clean & Green India.

Rural Industrialization

Expanding of rural industrialization using modern industrial technologies, based on the ‘Make in India’ approach, using grassroot MSMEs and startups across the country.

Clean Rivers

Clean Rivers with safe drinking water to all Indians using micro-irrigation techniques is the fifth dimension.

Oceans & Coastline

Exploitation of the Blue Economy, to ensure better standards and quality of life for a large number of people living in the coastal areas. Exploiting the potential of India’s long coastline for becoming the strength of the economy.


India becoming the launch-pad of satellites for the World and placing an Indian astronaut into space by 2022 (Project Gaganyaan) is the seventh dimension.

Self-sufficiency in Food Production

Attaining self-sufficiency in food and improving agricultural productivity with an emphasis on organic food.


A healthy India, with a distress-free and comprehensive wellness system for all, is the ninth dimension.

Minimum Government, Maximum Governance

Minimum Government, Maximum Governance with proactive, responsible, friendly bureaucracy and electronic governance is the tenth dimension.

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