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China agrees to end stand-off

India and China have resolved the stand-off which was continued for many days along the Ladakh border. The foreign ministers of both the countries have agreed to end the stalemate as Chinese side agreed to pull-off its troops from the border. “I am happy to tell you that both nations have sat down and resolved the (border stand-off) issue. Timelines have been decided,” Swaraj told Indian media after her meeting with the IBSA foreign ministers on the sidelines of the ongoing UN General Assembly session.

The Chumar area had seen Chinese troops enter Indian territory upto 500 meters and set-up tents there. The local civilians of the region were also involved as they stopped Indian construction workers from undertaking the work that was assigned under MGNREGA. This incursion was important and highly notable as it coincided with the visit of Chinese premier Xi Jinping.

The Chinese government head that had come with attractive investment proposals for India was also hopeful of an early bilateral resolution of the border dispute. The Chinese troops had once retreated but again came forward with similar assertions and incursions. Indian government had taken serious note of the situation.

New Delhi is considering Mr. Xi’s demand of naming a Special Representative to hold talks on the border dispute and for the correct demarcation of Line of Actual Control. Chinese side was demanding dismantling of some border posts by India.


Sushma Swaraj in Afghanistan

Sushma Swaraj in her first trip to Afghanistan in the backdrop of withdrawal of NATO-troops by the end of the year met President Hamid Karzai. She expressed willingness of India to do everything possible to work with Afghanistan for its redevelopment and reconstruction. She let out clear signals that India is ready to explore defence and security partnership with the country.

At a government organized function she stated that people of Afghanistan have sacrificed a lot for a strong, independent, united and prosperous country and India shares their vision and aspirations for a better tomorrow. Swaraj stated that Afghanistan is India’s first strategic partner is facing a critical transformation especially as the NATO forces withdraw.

She also inaugurated a new USD 40 million Indian Embassy building in the heart of Kabul, fitted with an integrated security system. She reinforced Indian commitment in reconstruction of Afghanistan. It has already invested USD 2 billion in aid and also imparted suitable training to Afghan soldiers. She said that India will speeden development projects in the country and announced India’s contribution of US$ 1 million for plan to develop a National Flag Monument site into a public area.

In the recent videos which claim to resurgence and re-emergence of Taliban and Al-Qaeda, this visit becomes more pronounced in geopolitical dimensions.