Syed Akbaruddin Current Affairs - 2020

Indra Mani Pandey appointed India’s Ambassador and Permanent Representative to UN in Geneva

To the United Nations and other International Organizations in Geneva, Switzerland, the 1990 batch Indian Foreign Service (IFS) officer Indra Mani Pandey was appointed as the next Ambassador and Permanent Representative of India. In the Ministry of External Affairs, Indra Mani Pandey is currently serving as the Additional Secretary.

Indra Mani Pandey will succeed 1983 batch Indian Foreign Services Officer Rajiv Kumar Chander. Rajiv Kumar Chander was appointed as to the post on 30th May 2017.

In a nearly three-decade career, Indra Mani Pandey has also served as the Joint Secretary in the Ministry of External Affair’s Disarmament and International Security Affairs division and has been a part of Indian missions in Kabul (Afghanistan), Cairo (Egypt), Damascus (Syria), Muscat (Oman) and Islamabad (Pakistan).

Ambassador and Permanent Representative at New York

Indra Mani Pandey is the Ambassador and Permanent Representative of India to the United Nations at Geneva, while at the headquarters of the United Nations in New York, India’s  Ambassador and Permanent Representative at New York is T.S. Tirumurti.

T.S. Tirumurti was appointed as the Ambassador and Permanent Representative of India at the United Nations in New York on 29th April 2020. T.S. Tirumurti replaced Syed Akbaruddin.

India’s New representative of UN; India to become member of UNSC

The 1985 Indian Foreign Officer T S Trimurti is to succeed Syed Akbaruddin as the permanent representative of the United Nations. Mr Trimurti was serving as the Secretary to Economic relations. The appointment announcement was made by the External Affairs ministry.

Recently, announcement was made that India is to become a member of UNSC.

Permanent Representative to the UN

The permanent representative is the head of the diplomatic mission to an international organization. The organizations that have permanent representative include United Nations, NATO, World Trade Organization, African Union, European Union, Organization of Islamic Cooperation and Organization of American States.

India’s membership at UNSC

India has been striving hard to get a permanent membership at the United Nations Security Council. Currently, there are five permanent members namely US, France, UK, Russia and china.

Non-Permanent Member

India is to become a non-permanent member at the UNSC in 2021. Along with 5 permanent members, there are 10 non-permanent members at the UNSC. A non-permanent member holds term for two years. In order to become a non-permanent member, a country should gain confidence of at least two-thirds of the members.


Akbaruddin was a 1985 IFS officer. He had served twice in Saudi Arabia. He also served as a representative of India at the International atomic energy Agency. His works at the United Nations against terrorism, climate change and peace keeping were commendable.