Syrian conflict Current Affairs - 2020

“Lost At Home”: A Report released by UNICEF

On May 5, 2020, the UNICEF released its report called “Lost at Home”. The report enforces the risks and challenges of internally displaced children and the need to protect them.

Key Findings of the report

According to the report, at the end of 2019, around 46 million people were internally displaced due to conflict and violence. Among them, every four out of 10 were children, which is 19 million children.

Due to conflicts the number of people displaced has increased from 25 million a decade ago to 40 million in the last 5 years. In the end of 2019, among the 46 million living in displacement due to violence, 42% were children.

Region Wise

The highest number of children that were displaced were in Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Around 12 million children were displaced in 2019 alone in MENA due to violence. The regions where the displacement of children were high includes west and central Africa, eastern and southern Africa, Latin America and Caribbean, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, South Asia, East Asia and Pacific and Western Europe.

Three Major Countries

The three major countries that accounted to more than half of persons displaced due to conflict and violence are Syrian Arab Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo and Yemen.

Displacements due to Natural Disasters

In 2019, around 25 million were displaced due to natural disasters. The natural disaster led disasters were high in India, China, Bangladesh, Philippines. These countries accounted to 65% of global natural disaster-based displacement.


In India, according to the report, the displacements were mainly due to disasters. Around 5 million were displaced in India in 2019 due to natural disasters. This mainly includes floods and storms.

Global Report on Food Crisis, 2020

The Global Report on Food Crisis, 2020 was released by the Global Network against Food Crisis. The report says that around 135 million people are living under food crisis.


According to the report, the numbers have increased. In 2019, the number of people living under food crisis were 113 million. Yemen was the at the top, with 15.9 million people under food crisis. This was 53% of population of the country.

The top 10 countries that were under food crisis contributed to 65% of the world population. These countries were Yemen, D R Congo, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Syria, Sudan, Northern Nigeria and Haiti.

Key Findings of the report

Over 75 million children were reported to be stunted and they were spread across 55 food crisis countries. As 2019, conflict and insecurity were the main drivers of food crisis in 2020 as well. Africa had the largest number of food insecure people in the world.

Global Network against Food Crisis

The Global Network against food crisis was an initiative that was launched by European Union, World Food Programme, and Food and Agriculture Organization. The network aims at delivering and formulating nutrition and food security in food crisis. It works towards achieving zero hunger goal. Zero Hunger Goal is one of the Sustainable Development Agenda, 2030.