Technology Services Current Affairs - 2020

Cabinet approves to set up a 12-member Technology Group

On February 19, 2020, the Union Cabinet approved to set a technology group. The 12-member group will provide scientific advice on mapping of technologies, commercialization of dual use technologies and develop a road map on selected key technologies.

The group will provide three major pillars of support namely Policy support, research and development proposals and procurement support.

Functions of the group

The group will help the GoI in achieving the following

  • To render advice on technology procurement strategy
  • To develop in-house expertise in developing merging technologies
  • To make sure the public sector technologies developed are sustainable.

Why was the group constituted?

The Group has been constituted as the GoI faced the following challenges

  • There was no mapping of technologies and their uses spread across the country
  • The Researches were not aligned to technology development
  • The dual use of technologies was not commercialized
  • The standards of technologies were not fixed. This led to sub-optimal industrial development
  • Silo-centric approaches to the development of technologies are being adopted

The Group will help in addressing these issues.

CSC and HCL forms joint venture to provide technology services, solutions to banks

Computer Science Corporation (CSC) and Hindustan Computer Limited (HCL) to big IT companies have signed an agreement to form a new company to provide technology services and solutions to the banking industry.

In the joint statement the partners said that their main focus will be on platform modernisation, product functionality enhancement and to capitalise their capabilities in addressing global core banking software market.

According to the agreement CSC that serves in 15 countries with 100 premier banking and financial services clients, will provide its core banking expertise for software and product development.

Whereas, HCL will provide funds, it’s banking sales and client engagement expertise and also its experience in product engineering and application implementation services in order to modernise the banking industries.

The two entities have agreed to work in accordance to meet the increasing demands for data analytics services, regulatory compliance and multi-channel deployments from the banking industries.

About CSC:

Computer Science Corporation (CSC) founded in 1959 is an American MNC having presence in 70 countries that provides information technology (IT) services and professional services.

It has consistently maintained its presence in Fortune 500 company list since 1995 and has bagged 185th rank in 2014 list.

About HCL:

Hindustan Computer Limited incorporated in 1991 by Shiv Nadar and Arjun Malhotra is an Indian global IT services company that provides services across 31 countries in software consultation, as an independent software vendor, remote infrastructure management, Life science and Health care, logistics and many other service sectors.

It is among Forbes Asia’s Fab 100 companies and is also among the India’s Top 20 largest publicly traded companies.