Telangana Current Affairs - 2019

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India’s Rare Life-Sized Stucco Sculpture unearthed in Telangana

Indian archaeologists recently unearthed a rare life-sized stucco sculpture from a Buddhist site at Phanigiri in Suryapet, Telangana.

Key Features of Stucco Sculpture

  • Till date it is the biggest stucco sculpture found in India. It is about 1.73 metres in height and 35 cm in width.
  • As per archaeologists, the life-size figurine represents a Bhodhisattva in Jathaka Chakra.
  • It was created nearly 1,700 years ago by craftsmen at Phanigiri at peak of Ikshavaku dynasty.

About Stucco

  • It is a material made from aggregates, binder, and water. It is applied wet and hardens in to a very dense solid.
  • Traditional stucco is made of sand, water and lime while Modern stucco is made of sand, water and Portland cement. To increase permeability and workability of modern stucco, Lime is added to it.
  • Uses: It is used as a decorative coating for walls and ceilings, and as a sculptural and artistic material in architecture.


Bhodhisattva: In Buddhism is any person who has attained bodhichitta (or Enlightenment) and is on path to reach nirvana (moksha) but delays doing so for compassion of suffering beings.

The Ikshvaku dynasty: As per Puranic literature, it was founded by king Ikshvaku. It is also known as Sūryavaṁśa (the Solar dynasty). Important Personalities belonging to this dynasty includes: Lord Rama, Twenty-two out of twenty-four Jain Tirthankara, and according to Buddhist texts, Prince Siddhartha also belonged to this dynasty.



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M3 EVMs to be used in Nizamabad

The Election Commission has decided against the using of Ballot papers in the Nizamabad parliamentary constituency of the Telangana. To accommodate a whopping 185 candidates in contention the Election Commission has decided to use the M3 EVMs in the Lok Sabha Polls.

The Election Commission has ordered Electronics Corporation of India Limited (ECIL) to supply 26,820 EVMs, 2,240 control units and 2,600 Voter-Verified Paper Audit Trails (VVPAT) of M3 make.

In each of the polling station, there will be 12 M3 version EVMs. All the EVMs would be connected to a single control unit and a VVPAT. These EVMS will be arranged in ‘L’ shape with each machine carrying a maximum of 16 names.

The Election Commission also had to tackle with the grappling problem of allocating symbols for the 178 farmers who are contesting as independents, complained that they were yet to be allotted the symbols.


M3 EVMs are the third generation EVMs. The M3 EVMs can keep data of 384 candidates. M3 EVMS also has added features like Tamper Detection and Self Diagnostics. The tamper detection feature makes an EVM inoperative the moment anyone tries to open the machine. The Self diagnostic feature checks the EVM fully every time it is switched on. Any change in its hardware or software will be detected.

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