UAE Current Affairs - 2020

World’s largest cruise ship terminal opens in Dubai

The world’s largest cruise ship terminal- Hamdan bin Mohammed Cruise Terminal was unveiled in Dubai. It was inaugurated by Sheikh Hamdan, Crown Prince of Dubai.

This newly opened terminal can handle 14,000 cruise passengers a day, thus making it world’s largest.

Key facts

  • The terminal covers 28,000 square metres and is the latest addition to The Dubai Cruise Terminal facility at Mina Rashid.
  • It will play key role in Dubai’s vision to attract 20 million tourists a year by 2020.
  • It will help to increase the handling capacity of the three cruise terminals in Dubai from two million tourists a year to seven million.


It includes duty-free outlets, shops, currency exchange, ATM machines and a VIP business centre. It also provides office facilities various related organisations such as the police, customs, immigration, shipping agents and airlines.

“Favouritism” in govt judgments down; India betters its global rank

India’s global ranking in favouritism shown by government officials to powerful corporates has bettered sharply from 94th in the last year to 49th place this year. The Rank nevertheless, still remains far below other key economies. As per a yearly study by the World Economic Forum (WEF), India’s ranking has also bettered notably in terms of public trust in politicians.

Qatar ranked 1st and is followed by New Zealand, Singapore, Finland, UAE, the Netherlands, Japan, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland in top 10. 

The study says, moreover, India has bettered its position with respect to diversion of public funds and uneven payments and bribery at government institutions. In the BRICS block, India’s position is superior than that of Russia (87th), South Africa (104th) and Brazil (108th). But, it rests far below that of China (22nd).