UAV Current Affairs - 2019

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Cyient JV bags Indian Army order to supply SpyLite mini UAV systems

Cyient Solutions & Systems Pvt. Ltd has bagged order from Indian Army to supply SpyLite mini UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) systems for high altitude aerial surveillance. Cyient Solutions & Systems Pvt. Ltd is joint venture between IT firm Cyient and BlueBird Aero Systems of Israel

SpyLite mini UAV

SpyLite is an advanced, combat-proven, electric fully autonomous mini unmanned aerial system. It is optimized to offer covert, extended range real-time visual intelligence. It is fully autonomous system from launch to accurate parachute recovery. It has capability to deliver enhanced reliability even in severe weather conditions, assuring long endurance and high operational availability.

SpyLite has endurance of 4-5 hours and maximum flight ceiling of 30,000 feet, which makes it ideal for supporting Indian Army operations along border with China as well as on Siachen glacier. Using high-end payloads, it can deliver high-quality day and night videos. It also has low visual and acoustic signature which gives it edge to conduct covert operations.

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US Approves Sale of UAV Technology to India

The United States has cleared the sale of the state-of-the-art Guardian 22 unmanned Guardian drones to India. The deal to sell UAV drones to India is estimated to be worth $2 to $3 billion. Though the deal has been approved by the State Department, an official announcement regarding the deal is yet to be announced.


The transfer of the state-of-the-art UAV technology to India will be the first significant progress after India’s entry into the exclusive Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) and after the US has designated India as a major defence partner. India became the 35th full member of the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) in June 2016.

The transfer of Guardian UAV technology is aimed at furthering mutual security interests to protect the Indian Ocean.

The deal would also pave the way for the transfer of other key technology sales from the US to India. The Guardian unmanned aircraft has been classified as Category 1 aircraft with cutting edge technologies.


Last year, the Indian Navy had requested for this intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) platform. The US has designated India as a “major defence partner” under the Obama Administration. The US considers India as a key player to counter the Chinese threat. However, the Guardian UAV proposal was kept in abeyance under Obama administration.

UAVs operate without a human pilot. UAVs are commonly used in both the military and police forces in situations where the risk of sending a human piloted aircraft is unacceptable, or the situation makes using a manned aircraft impractical.

Month: Categories: Defence