UNDP Current Affairs - 2020

Bamboo Tech Parks in J&K and Ladakh

The Ministry of Development of North Eastern Council (NEC) will set up new Bamboo Technology parks in Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh Union Territories. The nodal agency CBTC (Cane and Bamboo Technology Centre) under the Ministry of NEC will implement the project.


  • The model of bamboo cultivation, harvesting and utilization that is existing in the North Eastern Region is to be replicated in Jammu, Leh and Srinagar regions
  • The model will be in consonance with the National Bamboo Mission
  • Similar steps that were taken during the erection Bamboo Industrial Park in Dima Hasao district of Assam are to be followed.

CBTC-Cane and Bamboo Technology Centre

CBTC has been expanding livelihood opportunities from rich harvest of bamboos for more than two decades. It was formed to exploit the unused bamboo sector in the North East India. The CBTC along with the United Nations Development Programme implements the Technology Management Programme. It has been renewed under the North Eastern Council.

The Centre involves in resourcing talent scouting, technology sourcing, training, market linkage to give a new age thrust to the age old bamboo sector.

October 5: World Teachers Day

The World Teachers Day is commemorated by UNESCO since 1994. It is on this day the Recommendation concerning the Status of Teachers was adopted in 1966. In 1997, Status of Higher – Education Teaching Personnel was adopted.

SDG 4 adopted on Education recognizes teachers as a key to the achievement of Education 2030 agenda. Since then, World Teachers Day became the occasion to mark progress and reflect ways to counter the challenges in teaching profession

Theme: Young Teachers: The Future of the Profession.

The official event of the day is to be conducted in collaboration with UNICEF, UNDP and ILO.

Significance of the theme

The 21st century is not an easy time for a teacher. Teachers were once respected as highly qualified professionals. Unfortunately, today they are the scape goats for the failure of education according to UNESCO.

The biggest problem is that the young professionals are not showing interest to take the profession. Over 69 million teachers are required to achieve the SDG 4 education targets. They are as follows

  • Ensure all girls and boys have access to early childhood development and pre- primary education
  • Ensure there are equal access to all men and women to vocational, technical and vocational skills
  • Ensure the youth have skills for employment, entrepreneurship and decent jobs.
  • Expand the scholarships available to the developing countries.
  • Increase the supply of qualified teachers through international cooperation

Need for action

According to UNDP,

  • In developing countries, around 91% of children remain out of school. There are around 57 million children out of school
  • More than half of the children are not enrolled in primary education in Sub – Saharan Africa
  • 103 million youth lack basic literacy skills
  • Especially in conflict – affected zones, more than 50% of children are out of school.