UNGA Current Affairs - 2019

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International Mine Awareness Day and Assistance in Mine Action 2019

International Mine Awareness Day and Assistance in Mine Action 2019 was observed on April 4 with the theme ‘United Nations Promotes SDGs – Safe Ground – Safe Home’.

The Theme ‘United Nations Promotes SDGs – Safe Ground – Safe Home’ highlights the fact that “All people have the right to live in security, and not fear their next step” and calls for mine action, which “clears paths and creates safe ground on which homes can be built or rebuilt” and “changes mindsets so that people know how to protect themselves”. The theme links mine action, sport and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by showing how clearing minefields, bring communities together and raises awareness about mine victims, and survivors of armed conflict.

Further, the United Nations has launched “Safe Ground”, a new strategy and campaign to “ensure that no one, no State, and no war zone is left behind”.


The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) on 8 December 2005 declared that 4 April of each year shall be observed as the International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action.

The day calls for the establishment and development of national mine-action capacities in countries where mines and explosive remnants of war constitute a serious threat to the safety, health and lives of the civilian population, or an impediment to social and economic development at the national and local levels.

World Autism Awareness Day 2019

The World Autism Awareness Day 2019 was celebrated on April 2nd with the theme ‘Assistive Technologies, Active Participation’.

The theme highlights the integral role technology plays in the development of people with any form of disability including autism. Technology is not only important for development it also ensures that people with disabilities enjoy their basic human rights and helps them tackle any issues they face as a member of the society.

The theme ‘Assistive Technologies, Active Participation’ also highlights the fact that assistive technologies are expensive and inaccessible to a large population living with autism. There is also a lack of guidance about the usage of assistive technologies and their efficiency throughout the globe.


Autism is a neurodevelopment disorder of variable severity which causes disruption in communication and social interaction. Autism is also characterized by repetitive behaviour and thoughts.

Genesis of the World Autism Awareness Day

The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) announced April 2nd as World Autism Awareness Day in 2008. The day aims to make sure that no one, including people living with autism, are left behind. The day aims to make healthcare and technology more accessible to people living with autism.