United Nations General Assembly Current Affairs - 2019

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International Day of Education – 24 January

The first-ever International Day of Education was celebrated on 24 January 2019 as per the resolution passed by the United Nations General Assembly on December 3rd 2018 to celebrate the role of education in development.

International Day of Education

The International Day of Education demonstrates the world’s political will towards providing quality education to all and achieving sustainable development by 2030.

The celebration reiterates the importance of education for the world’s social and economic development and will nudge the member countries of UN to improve the quality of education and protect the rights of the student community. This will aid in the attainment of sustainable development goals by 2030.

The International Day of Education is aimed at underscoring the fact that not only a fundamental right but also a necessity to achieve sustainable development.

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UN observes First-Ever World Braille Day

The United Nations observed the first official World Braille Day on 4th January to create awareness about the importance of Braille for approximately 1.3 billion people living with some form of distance or near vision impairment.

The proclamation for the celebration of World Braille Day was made by the United Nations General Assembly as a means for realising the human rights of visually-impaired and partially-sighted people, and bringing written language to the forefront as a critical prerequisite for promoting fundamental freedoms.

Why January 4th?

World Braille Day is celebrated on the January 4th to honour Louis Braille, who is credited for inventing the Braille script. Louis Braille was born in France on 4 January 1809. The World Braille Day is celebrated on his Birth Anniversary.

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