US-North Korea Current Affairs - 2020

Russia awards North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un a commemorative war medal

On May 5, 2020, the Russian President Vladimir Putin awarded the North Korean leader a commemorative war medal. The medal has been awarded to mark the 75th anniversary of victory over Nazi


The award was received by North Korean Foreign Minister Ri-Son-Gwon on behalf of Kim. Kim was awarded with the medal for preserving the memory of soviet soldiers that died during World War II in the North Korean territory.

Russia-North Korea

In 1948, diplomatic relations were established between Soviet Union and North Korea. During Korean War, the Soviet military forces supported Korean People’s Army. North Korea was established as communist bloc gaining maximum support from Russia.

Russia and North Korea share a border along the lower Tumen river.

History of North Korea

The beginning of history of North Korea dates to the end of World War II. After the Japanese surrendered, Soviet Union and USA agreed to split Korea as North Korea and South Korea. The North Korea aligned with Soviet and formed Democratic People’s republic of Korea. The South Korea aligned with western allies and formed Republic of Korea.

Irritants between the countries

Though the trade relations and military relations between Russia and North Korea is on the good will, Russia has been lately condemning Nuclear aspirations of North Korea. In 2016, following nuclear tests of North Korea, Russia supported decisions of United Nations Security council.

US military test fires Minuteman III ballistic missile

After North Korea tested a ballistic missile from the coast of Wonsan, US tested an unarmed Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile. The missile was launched from the California base.

The missile traveled 6,750 km across Pacific Ocean to the Kwajalein Atoll in Marshall Islands.

On 2nd October North Korea tested a ballistic missile which is believed to be launched from a submarine. The test was confirmed by the South Korea officials.

About Minuteman III

The program was started in 1966. The missile is armed with 170 kilo tons of TNT. Airborne Launch Control System is a part of the missile. When Minuteman was first discovered the Soviet had no target to counter it. However, they gained pace after a few years. The airborne launch system offers a survivable launch capability to the US air force.

US North Korea Talks

Following missile test by the countries, the leaders have agreed to hold talks in Stockholm. Since June, the US officials struggled to make North Korea to return to table. Currently North Korea is under many sanctions. The United Nations had earlier complained that the country had circumvented many sanctions.

Kwajalein Atoll

It is a part of the Marshall Islands in Pacific Ocean. The US hosts naval base in the atoll. The total island area is just over 6 square miles.

Atoll is a ring-shaped coral reef. It is formed due to volcanic action. Long after the volcano receded into the ocean, corals begin to settle around the crater forming a ring-shaped colony called atolls