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Friendship Medal: China awards its first highest state honour to Russian President Vladimir Putin

China awarded its first highest state honour Friendship Medal to Russian President Vladimir Putin. The award was personally bestowed on Vladimir Putin by Chinese President Xi Jinping in grand ceremony held at Great Hall of the People in capital city of Beijing.

Key Facts

This was first time China has awarded medal since it was established in 2015. Friendship Medal is conferred by China only on foreigner who has made outstanding contributions in promoting exchange and cooperation between China and world, and in maintaining world peace. Russian President Vladimir Putin was presented this award during his official state visit to China, which will include attending 18th Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit at Qingdao.


China and Russia had been cooperating since late 1990s as they responded to quite similar pressures from West. For China, Russia always had been its best friend and for Russia, China is strategic partner. In December 2017, US labelled both countries strategic rivals that challenge US interests and values. China is currently locked in ongoing trade dispute with the US, which has also imposed tough sanctions on Russia. Both China and Russia have no choice but to increase cooperation so they can jointly deal with US if it increases pressure on both countries. The award to Russia’s most powerful leader Vladimir Putin is considered as clear sign that both countries were growing closer amid increasing pressure from US. It is also reflection of the special relationship that has existed for few decades.

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PM Narendra Modi ranks 9th among world’s most powerful people list of Forbes

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was placed at 9th position among 74 of the world’s most powerful people list released by the Forbes Magazine.

The list gives the annual ranking of the World’s Most Powerful People on the basis of their financial resources, scope and use of power and the number of people they impact.

Key Facts
  • 2016 edition of the list was topped by Russian President Vladimir Putin. This is for fourth consecutive year Putin has topped the list.
  • The first billionaire President of the United States was ranked second in the list. In the 2015 edition of the list he was placed 72. Outgoing US President Barack Obama dropped from 2 to 48.
  • German Chancellor and backbone of the European Union Angela Merkel was ranked 3rd. She continues her reign as the most powerful woman on the planet for consecutive 11 years.
  • New names in list: Theresa May (#13), Travis Kalanick (#64), Bob Iger (#67), Mike Pence (#69); Rodrigo Duterte (#70), Sheldon Adelson (#72), Antonio Guterres (#36) and Recep Erdogan (#56).
  • Other Indian’s in the list: Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani (#38), Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella (#51).
10 most powerful people in the world
Rank Name Designation
1 Vladimir Putin President of Russia
2 Donald Trump President of US
3 Angela Merkel Chancellor of Germany
4 Xi Jinping President of China
5 Pope Francis Pope of Roman Catholic Church, Vatican City
6 Janet Yellen Chairperson of US Federal Reserve
7 Bill Gates Chairman of Bill & Melinda Foundation
8 Larry Page Founder of Google
9 Narendra Modi Prime Minister of  India
10 Mark Zuckerberg Cofounder of Facebook
Indian’s in the list
38 Mukesh Ambani Chairman of Reliance Industries
51 Satya Nadella Microsoft CEO

About Forbes list of World’s Most Powerful People

The list of World’s Most Powerful People started in 2009 by Forbes magazine. Since then annually published. The list has one slot for person or leader for every 100 million people on Earth. These slots are allocated based on the amount of human and financial resources as well as their influence on world events. It that in 2011 there were 70, and in 2012 there were 71 slots. Similarly in 2016 it has 74 slots.

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